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PM continues hunt for investors

Press Secretary, OPM

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The PM has started efforts to establish a network of business ambassadors.

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D Anthony has announced that the Government of Saint Lucia has started efforts to establish a network of business ambassadors.

The ambassadors will help the Government of Saint Lucia to identify sources of investment and promote Saint Lucia as an ideal location for investment. This initiative is modeled on the United Kingdom Department of Trade and Investment Business Ambassadors Group and was a recommendation of the Foreign Policy Review Committee.

The prime minister, who is in London, addressed a meeting of potential investors to Saint Lucia on Wednesday, June 26, 2014. Dr. Anthony outlined the work being undertaken by Invest Saint Lucia, the reforms being made to the investment facilitation landscape and the projects available for private investment and public-private partnership initiatives.

The prime minister also announced that the network of ambassadors will involve the appointment of strategically selected honorary consuls and distinguished Saint Lucians, both at home and abroad, to work with various missions and embassies. Mindful of the cost of maintaining these offices, the appointees will be required to provide their services at no cost to the Government of Saint Lucia and where necessary, contribute to the investment promotion initiatives of the government.

Some areas for immediate investment were identified as tourism, property development, creative industries, national infrastructure, medical research and education, and renewable energy.

The prime minister is scheduled to address the High Commission’s Gala Dinner and Awards on Saturday, June 28, 2014. The event will be attended by Saint Lucian nationals, investors, government officials and diplomats.

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  1. What a shame .Isn't Kenny Anthony the same man who said that he would tell investors to stay away from ST lucia?Yes he is.Today he is begging them to come .
    ONE of the reasons investors are not coming is that What kind of man when in opposition tells investors to stay from his country,thereby hoping to stop ST.Lucia's development and of course reduced opportunities for prosperity for the very people he says he loves and acts in their interest.Such a man is no good and does not care about ST Lucians,only himself and his sick ego.
    If Kenny had any shame or remorse for all the bad,wicked things he has done to St.Lucia he would resign from politics and don,t wait to be kicked out.
    But ,then again ,if he did he would not be KENNY ANTHONY.
    This man is a disgrace to St.Lucia.

  2. What a pathological liar! Anything for a seat?

  3. This loser lost and wasted $45 milion on Roachasmell. Another $85 million evaporated, as we now have to buy back lands in the Black Bay what he gave away. Then the NCA commess took another set. Can you believe that this man again signed away on another of his secret deals this time with the seabed and we now have to pay some say and estimated $500 million? But there are still thousands if not millions, in legal fees attached to that law suit.

    Then he had a jolly good time increasing the size of the public service placing all his party hacks at home and abroad in do nothing jobs. Not knowing the first damn thing about business management or financial management, he cannot yet find a way of talking around the deficit that all of this has created.

    He has squandered 45, 85, and 500 million dollars! Just as clueless as him, his bunch of idiots and phony consultants are telling him to illegally cut public servants salaries.

    With a law suit looming, he is running all over the place to make public servants look bad for not accepting his bullshit management of the economy. The shyster knows not where to start. Desperate and running away from the problem he is trying to woo investors who have more experience in decisions of where to invest money around the world.

    With a sickening smirk on his face, he makes his errors making OPIAGE with people's money and then expects others to pay and bail him out of his crap?


  5. Dude just resign. People have lost confidence in you. I don't know how you gonna fix this one because Lucians ready to kick you out! With the vat at an all time high and that unpopular 5% you trying to take from the people salaries.
    All this talk about foreign investment ain't gonna work. Part of the problem is your own arrogance! Sorry you lost!

  6. Kenny do not remember he was the one who put the investor's curse on St Lucia. For some unknown reason, I do not believe what he say he is doing. Where are the usual photos of his meetings.

    • Good question! You see he underestimated the Lucian psyche. He has been feeding Lucians with shit for so long, he lost track. You can fool the people sometimes; you cannot fool them all the time.

  7. Kenny your new wartime advisor (JULIAN R HUNTE) you need to rethink that.

  8. Concerned Lucian

    Anyone remember the song Malaye-way sang by Christopher Hunte? "Its the state of the country rampant poverty. If Kenny want to buy a bread and cheese have go to the CDB begging on his knees." Seems like he is back at it again many years later. Please Kenny admit you are out of ideas and resign. Cause for someone who found all the answers and had all this $ where is it now??? I mean what could he possibly be waiting for? SMH damn shame this government is. And now all of them have gone very quiet no Pip, no Alva,no Mosa where are they now,they forgot us somehow? This is what you were elected for guys.

    • Why are you'll asking the man to resign? He doesn't have to do that. "It's the people stupid; it's the people". They have the power to remove him. Instead of all that talking, remove him and his pack.

      For true, they are really quiet! One reason for their closed beaks is the fact that they know the captain has gone coo coo and he will sink the ship. So they are trying to figure out how they will bail before they sink with him.

      • So true;the rest of the crew as silent as a me they are planning some propaganda to divert attention soon;but that won't work! Seems like the PS is the Acting PM ......Shhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  9. What a waste. This guy cannot tell u black from white. He messed up our country

    • This PM is void of ideas, what an bajct failure

    • And we all let him . . . The only power people have over you is the power you give them.

      • On encountering this level of thinking, the majority of the postings here, an outsider must wonder how this country could have produced even one Nobel Laureate, let alone our two (so far)!

        All willing to cut off St. Lucia's nose to spite Kenny Anthony's face!

        St. Lucia y'all love? Yeah, right!

      • It is the people of Vieux Fort who are to be blamed this deceitful country bookie being in government.


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