PM consults with SLISBA on economic challenges

Press Secretary, OPM

SLISBA participates in consultation on the economy.

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Industry and Small Business Association (SLISBA) has accepted an invitation from Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Dr. Kenny D. Anthony to participate in a consultation on Saint Lucia’s economic and fiscal challenges.

Similar to the consultations held initially with public sector unions, the Saint Lucia Media Association, the National Youth Council and the National Council on Public Transportation, the Ministry of Finance will present on Saint Lucia’s economic position and will put forward a case for wage adjustments. Thereafter, prime minister and the Cabinet of ministers will engage SLISBA to respond to questions and note suggestions.

Over the next few weeks, the prime minister and his team will continue to engage civil society groups and the general public to advise on the realities facing Saint Lucia and its ability to meet current obligations.

The government and SLISBA will meet today, Thursday, June 12, 2014 in the conference room of the Ministry of Infrastructure at 2 p.m.

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  1. Who put st lucia in debt? Surely it wasn't us public servants we have no say in how the govt spends tax payers money they put us in debt so let them find creative ways of taking us out of debt cuz i dont stand for BS we have given enough of our hard earned dollars to taxes and all kinda increases while the pigs keeps getting fatter while the nation seem to be on slim fast. ..who the govt take us for jackassses. This has to stop

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  3. All you Kenny haters, continue preaching hatred, protest and let's see how this helps solve the problem of closing the deficit and lower our debt. Some of you public servants who are fortunate to be in the service because this evil Kenny expanded the public service now want to crucify him. You don't want to loose five percent of your salary but you're asking to stop programs that will see hundreds of St Lucians loose their entire pay. Some of us pretend as if we have been living in space and are hearing about the debt and deficit for the first time. The situation existed even when you were all protesting for 14.5 percent and forcing King to concede. This action only made the situation worse. Continue concentrating on Kenny being the devil and ignore the situation as regards the economy.

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  5. Another village is missing its idiot.

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    You kill the people with 15% VAT and then you want another 5% from their wages again. Haven't we given you enough cotton back already? What will you ask for next MASSA, the skin on our a....s

    • Are you sure that they know and understand the required basic Mathematics? What is needed here is much more than what obtained at Teachers College. There, the graduate teachers with grade inflation, got a passing grade in Mathematics if they were able to deliver a mini-lesson on teaching "simultaneous equations with two unknowns"! That's all. Do that and you were good to enter to UWI. Now, we are paying all round for that sh--it.

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  9. Miss Rigobert, the Leader of the Opposition, after their visit to Barbados, based on their finding there, warned the government that they should immediately engage all stakeholders on the present state of our economy. She was ridiculed by the government, asking why go to Barbados when their economy was worst than ours. Now he is rushing to meet the stakeholder not as a proactive measure but to seek support in his decision to reduce public servant wage by 5%. SLISBA sector will be the ones mostly affected by this decision. Public servant will have no money to buy from them.

    • Kenny's economic circus rolls along merrily from place to place. That is the problem you get when you put a peasant in charge of running what should be a 21st century organization. These country boukies have not arrived yet. It is plain to see. You can take the man out of the country. But you cannot take the country out of the man.

    • As the PM faces another round of rejection his ugly attacks on labour will grow. He is just trying to set up other groups to attack the labour movement. Be if he had any sense at all and understood human beings, he would have made a strong impression of being evenhanded and insisting from the start the idea of shared sacrifice. He still fails to get to appreciate the fact that nearly 45 plus percent of the voting public is in the UWP camp. Having the most seats does not mean having the most or absolute power. Power has gone to his head! There is a price for that.

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  11. “Kenny!! you have to go, we cant take no more nou ka matee Flambeau.LABOUR party destroy we,now we have some hope you see with Allen and the UWP. All WE WANT IS FLAMBEAU,FLAMBEAU. KENNY JUST PACK UP YOU BAGS AND GO!!!!!!!!”

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  13. Kenny Must Go!!!! Stop fulling the people. Why Now. Looking for mercy,No No NO. you liar.

    • What are they going to educate him on now? How to set up a responsible budget? Maybe it is how to stop pretending that you understand what you very obviously do not understand and you just don’t know. Take a bow. You had a nice run. You worked for your Oscar. En rouge dummies deserve you. Goodbye.

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  15. I agree Kendal. We waiting for another arrogant too - labowie ka espaway.

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  17. Kenny has let down the people of this country in a huge way. I voted for you, encouraged people to do the same but, never again. You are just as fraudulent and deceitful as those you run against. All the boys and girls are hooked up with big jobs whilst, the poor people suffer. this PLANTATION mentality must cease.

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  19. Imagine that!!!! Now Mr. Arrogant/Pompous want to be all so humble and beggy beggy - WELL SCREW THAT. YOUR TIME IS UP and take your little country bookie, split tooth wannabe mouthpiece with you too. GET OUT

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