PM Chastanet told to “put up or shut up” over PAJOAH letter issue


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Dr. Hilaire (left) and Chastanet


On Tuesday May 27, 2019 the Prime Minister was a guest on Andre Paul’s “What makes me Mad” talk show and when asked if the PAJOAH letter had not been signed by Guy Joseph could that not be seen as a major breach of national security.

In response the Prime Minister stated “Won’t be the first. Sadly. I mean we had Ernest Hilaire, this is gonna be taken up in the House, that was trying to introduce a document that had somebody’s signature on it and the document that he has is a false document. I am saying that publicly. Alright. So the document that he presented to the House had the signature page of the original document but it did not have the body of it. Same issue.”

Let me address this matter. This comment by the Prime Minister is absolutely false, and highly defamatory. It therefore seems to me that the Prime Minister does not learn. He cannot seem to understand that as a Prime Minister he just cannot continue to mislead and lie. Some years ago the Court of Appeal in the Tuxedo Villas appeal found he was not a witness of the truth.

The Prime Minister nevertheless says this matter will be taken up in the House. I am anxiously waiting and I can assure you that he will be severely embarrassed.

Publicly, the Prime Minister must put up or shut up. If I am part of producing forged documents, or in possession of documents that are fraudulent the Prime Minister must produce the correct document to prove that the document was a false document then he must request that the Office of the DPP investigate the matter. I am prepared to testify, under oath, who gave me the document and under what circumstances. At the same time, I expect Donovan Williams, Douglas Parker and the Cabinet Secretary will also be interviewed and required to testify under oath and provide all relevant information on the signing of the document and other relevant documents.

It is a major failing for a Prime Minister to announce publicly that there are persons out there forging documents and signatures of Government officials and a Minister yet do nothing about it. That does not sound right and sensible.

Prime Minister act up, you are in power, investigate the PAJOAH letter and the so-called Lockerbie Contract. Prime Minister take note, you have taken this matter to a new level and we will not let it rest. We will be relentless in seeking the truth relating to the PAJOAH Letter and the “Lockerbie Contract”.

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  1. I Love St.Lucia

    Honestly in my opinion every leader has to lead by example just like every parent has to lead by example to their kids. Why should Mr. Pieree or Mr. Hillaire be subjected to name calling when what they are requesting is right. The prime minister and his cabinet should be truthful to the people of our country and in particular to our youth, our younger generation. Why teach them to be dishonest. If the leaders are always dishonest what examples do they maintain for our kids . Are they telling our kids that’s it is ok to go to their work place and be dishonest because you will not be accountable to others.

    It is high time our politicians be role models to our young generation. Stop putting greed into politics and let them be honest and serve the people of our country with pride and dignity.

    So I agree with Mr Pierre and Mr Hillaire and I think that it is high time that Hon Guy Joseph knows that he is not God, he needs to know that he is not the untouchable.


  2. A A What is wrong with that little whore challenging the Prime Minister about the PAJOAH letter and Lockerbie contract girl please stay in you section. You all will do anything to get back in power but that’s going to take a long time I mean a longgggg time so please sit back and relax and let a real PM work for his country thanks.

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