PM Chastanet says numerous revellers asked him to ‘Call My Mother for Me’

PM Chastanet says numerous revellers asked him to ‘Call My Mother for Me’

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet was in the ‘thick of things’ in Saint Lucia Carnival 2019. He was spotted ‘tiefing’ a wine — according to social media bloggers — in the Parade of Bands, which took place last Monday and Tuesday.

In addition, the prime minister confessed on Facebook Wednesday night that numerous revellers asked him to “Call My Mother for Me”.

Chastanet caught on camera bussing a wine.

But did they really want him to do that? Not necessarily. “Call My Mother for Me” is the name of the song that won the 2019 Road March title.

The prime minister used his official Facebook page to congratulate the singer, Edwin George. According to the Parade of Bands results, released on Tuesday by Events Company of Saint Lucia Inc., George’s song was played 55 times.

So popular was the song that the prime minister said he had a “gut feeling” it would have won Road March.

He wrote: “I really enjoyed this year’s Carnival celebrations. On Monday, when numerous revellers asked me to “Call My Mother for Me”, I got a gut feeling that this would be this year’s Road March. Congratulations to Edwin on becoming the 2019 Saint Lucia Carnival Road March King.”

Ricky T’s song ‘Mess’, which had won the Power Soca title, placed second. His song was played 18 times.

‘Mix Up’ by Vye Twizeen/Sly (winner of Groovy Soca title), placed third after the song was played 12 times.

Shemmy J’s ‘Pretty on Purpose’ placed fourth, having played five times.




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  2. Because they believe only their mother could save them from the mess you have this country in.


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