PM Chastanet a threat to Saint Lucia, says Labour MP

By SNO Staff

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Alva Baptiste speaking to supporters on Thursday.

(SNO) — Member of Parliment for Laborie, Alva Baptiste, believes that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and his United Workers Party (UWP) government are a threat to Saint Lucia.

Speaking at a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) public meeting on Thursday night on the Castries market steps, he described the ruling party as incompetent and without integrity.

“My brothers and my sisters, the message that is coming from this platform tonight is that the real threat to our country is the continued presence of Allen Chastenet and his version of flambeau in the corridors of power,” he stated.

He said the UWP has dragged Saint Lucia down.

“My brothers and my sisters, this UWP has dragged our country to the lowest point of discredit,” Baptiste remarked. “An incompetent administration with absolutely no integrity.”

According to him, the SLP is going to mobilize its supporters for what he described as an “absolute victory at the polls,” adding that the court of public opinion is saying his party is on the right track.

“This UWP government for the past three years has been actively undermining the development of this country,” Baptiste noted. “They are determined to destroy the heart and soul of Saint Lucia. They have stopped everything in Saint Lucia. They have stopped the La Ressource Health Center, they have stopped the Anse La Raye Health Center. They have stopped all kinds of things in this country …”

Baptiste said the UWP has plunged Saint Lucia into a health care crisis “for absolutely no reason” and has expanded the island’s fiscal deficit to “benefit everything foreign”.

“And we must stay and say nothing?” he remarked. “We must allow our God, Allen Chastanet to do as he please in this country and remain quiet?”


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  1. Peter Saint Pierre

    What these SLP clowns don’t seem to realise is that every time they hurl insults at the currently elected Prime Minister it only increases his popularity and weakens their abilities to get re-elected . A simple word of Advice to Pierre and his stooges is to spend some time to reflect on why did they lose the last general election and perhaps introduce some better ideas or even help the current government with what they are currently trying to achieve . This idea of opposition in government for the sake of criticism is pure idiocy. SLP stop blowing hot air as it will make veg little different since elections are nowhere soon . Stop undermining Saint Lucians and taking them for fools . They knew exactly why they voted for change which is still very much prevalent .


  2. ya'll still there running ya'll mouths trying to defend party? Ya'll refuse to admit, ya'll the blood sucking party hacks, that ya'll so called god send angels (politicians) are the worst kind of scum ever produced on this earth. and that's not red but not yellow or yellow but not red, all of them in it.all of them corrupt , blood sucking vampires that don't deserve to sit at the parliament table and rock chairs like children. ya'll refuse to admit that they don't really care about me or you or your family or mine. look at the mess Venezuela in right now, only difference is the communist system. certain individuals living like lords while the rest living off crumbs, same thing here which politician that need hospital in Lucia for health care? which politician that end broke or the same level financially like when they begun. open ya'll bloody eyes.


  3. Alva Alva Alva Alva Alva Alva Alva Alva Alva Alva Alva I LOVE YOU LIKE COOK FOOD I COULD KISS YOU. When it comes to bringing the fire to them I have nothing but total CONFIDENCE in you. The quality of life has gone down so much has gone down so much in st Lucia it's unbelievable. Just imagine this morning I went for a sulphur bath I have not done so in a while I got there at 5:50am I would pass by the bridge and enjoy the place to myself before the tourist get there I met a guard there he told me the place open at 9 am now and I am RISKING IT by coming there so early in the morning that how much crime has gotten out of control in St Lucia and this PM has his head up his ass like all is well and like we should just sit back and watch our country fall apart . All now Soufriere Square can't finish yet they stop everything when they came to power but they busy building horse track while St Lucian's can't get decent healthcare.


    • mental retardation is not a treatable disease. so unfortunately we will have people of your ilk spouting nonsense online.


    • Under which administration did those criminals grow up under? Like a mindless jackass, you are braying as if those criminals grew up overnight from cracks in the sidewalk.

      No. No. Idiot. Some of them were dragged up from Conway. They moved to Bois Patat, to Grass Street, to Egard and to Grave Yard. Brue Ville Ghetto, posterchild of SLP housing development, grew larger and wilder with galvanized sheeting and plywood.

      The only standard SLP has ever developed over tje years is depravity. Who created the ghetto called Bruce Ville? Who encouraged the ghetto called Conway? Short answer? Les Salopwees AKA SLP.

      A picture paints 1,000 words. Watch this chap up there. Is he, like the rest of the SLP not simply losing it? Have you ever before seen a raving teeth-bared lunatic? Remain in the pasture jackasses and keep on braying. You are doing a might wonderfully great job of this


  4. Y'all fools can't read and write .some of y'all are there like little lamb.sit back and check what going on in our st.Lucia.y'all maron uwp .no hospital but race track for hoses .every thing stop on a one level.. That whythe pm called y'all jackasses and the horse track is for y'all and y'all hospital. Wait for y'all to live like slave in y'all own country.


  5. Laba taking your cues from trump I see????????? my goodness


  6. chastanet has done nothing but try and bring the country forward but he is the biggest threat? i feel sorry for the poor minded people who dont no better that come to listen to yall


    • The only people benefiting from his policies are the owner class. He has made hundreds of people redundant , he has defunded several social programs for the poor. It's telling that you used the word "poor" to describe people because it is them that are feeling it the most.


  7. Poor Jab. I feel sorry for you all eeeeeeeeeeeeeee especially Pierre
    Awa wee. stop using the man. You all know you do not want him
    you all supporting Ernest Hilaire for party leader. Pierre stop making
    a fool of yourself


  8. SLP might stand a chance to win another election again,only if old stale recycle morons like the six of you all take a 4ing hike.


    • What a bunch of idiots! Every time these nincompoops open their mouths, they give ample testimony of their peabrains. Copying what those mad-ass politicians are doing in the US tells us alot about what those mad-ass monkey SLPs will do, if they are given back power. Get a job. Get a real job.


  9. SLP's red devils are always exciting people into violence only to come back and accuse the current administration of doing nothing about crime. Suckers looking for idiots to vote for them. Get another vote of no confidence.

    Opposing for opposing sake might look like you are doing a good job of it. Not to hell does it say that you have ideas to move this country forward. Only other country bumpkins are fooled by all this hot air shamelessly being spewed almost on a daily basis.

    Try to enjoy your stay in the political wilderness. You all need another assinine motion of no confidence. Airheads! Empty barrels ....


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