PM called on to urgently address “deplorable” roads in Fond Desruisseaux, Micoud (letter to the editor)

PM called on to urgently address “deplorable” roads in Fond Desruisseaux, Micoud (letter to the editor)

Dear Editor: It is with disappointment I am writing this. I have been living in Fond Desruisseaux, which is also called Fond Brapain or Breadfruit Street, for many years, and the residents of this place deserve way better.

Our road is in a deplorable state and it has not been fixed for so many years. Many residents have complained about this road and would really like something to be done about it. It feels like we are not part of civilization in this area and it is very difficult for vehicles and also people to travel this road.

The residents of Fond Desruisseaux are very friendly and heartwarming people. These individuals deserve much better than this. They deserve a road and gutter as well. When it rains there is water every where on the road because there is no drains or gutters in some parts of the area and this affects us badly. It is very difficult for children to go to school as well because they have to walk in mud so they can go to school. It is difficult for people to walk on the road as well, especially the elderly.

It is difficult for drivers as well to travel on this road. I have seen how long an ambulance took to drive down this road, just to reach at the house they had to. Some drivers have even refused to drive down this road as well, and would prefer passengers wait by the main road. Some complain that the road has damaged their vehicle and so on.

This road I am talking about is leading or connects to the main road and has never been fixed for years. And nothing, absolutely nothing, has been done about it for many years. I will not even elaborate on the bushes that have grown in certain areas. The residents do their best here to live in this area even though it feels like we have been abandoned.

Many residents have gone and complain about this road every year or spoken about it but the only thing we received was some rocks that was dropped certain parts of the road and the entrance to the area paved.
I am not writing to blame anyone or to say its this person’s fault or that person’s fault. I am writing for the representative who is the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia to please do something about the road. We need a road and as soon as possible. Thank you.

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  1. Why did you keep quiet when the labour party government bypassed this road and gave it's supporters a concrete road.


  2. Dirty labour politics. You'll did Compton worse than that I didn't break him diw. You'll ended up embracing home.


  3. For heavens sake, why do you have to hide to write your letter. If what you are saying is true, why be anonymous. That baffles me.


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