PM brought to tears by weekend murders

PM brought to tears by weekend murders
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet said he was brought to tears as a result of the homicides over the weekend.

In a post on his Facebook page, Chastanet said he will be meeting with the police and the ministry responsible for social and family development to “see how best we can deal with this alarming situation”.

“It is heart-breaking to have learned that the lives of five young persons were cut short over the weekend. It really brings me to tears to know that we would rather resort to violence to resolve our differences than to seek help from the relevant authorities,” he wrote.

“My heart goes out to the families of these young men. God alone knows what they are going through. No parent should have to bury their children as a result of such violence.”

The meeting with the authorities would have taken place on Monday, according to Chastanet’s post.

“I will keep you informed about the discussion as the week progresses,” he promised.

Five people were killed in violence across the island on Sunday.

Thirty-nine-year-old Yves Rene, aka Nazarene, was shot and killed in Marigot by police in the morning; three men – 37-year-old Gillan Charles aka Gideon, 16-year-old Dequan Joseph and Kyle Richard – were fatally shot by gunmen in Bois Den, Jacmel in the late afternoon while doing a BBQ at a garage, while 25-year-old Dillan Joseph was stabbed to death, allegedly by his girlfriend in Grand Riviere, Gros Islet in the evening.

On Monday, a man identified as Urias Anthony aka Outclear, of Jacmel, was fatally shot in Bois Patat, Castries.

St. Lucia has recorded eight homicides since the start of 2017.



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  1. How are these guns entering st.lucia ? And how about gun registration? How about questioning criminals about the origin of these guns? Is the police force and the Customs department incompetent or are they short staffed? We can all help make st.lucia a safer place for ourselves our children and every one that lives in it. Public opinion needs to pressure politicians with ideas .Let's try to remember this is St.Lucia, a democracy with elected officials smarter than Trump.So let's encourage the media to improve the discourse and promote critical thinking instead.Now we can have hope, right ?


  2. At least we know he has a heart that can be moved to tears. I have watched president Obama moved to tears so many times especially when there is a mass shooting in American more so at schools. It's a feeling that u feel when you're human. The heart and mind of a criminal is set in stone. . No one knows what's their next move. Measures has to be put in place to deter all criminal activity but as to what can be done to change the hardened heart. .. only Devine intervention. St.lucians lets take this country back by force. Enough s enough


    • With to detering criminal activity, let's start with the Politicians past and present, then white collar workers.

      You often hear these politicians/MPs making accusations of theft, fraud, bobol about they colleagues in PARLIAMENT because of the immunity it holds.

      St Lucia needs cleansing from the top down like the trickle economics we're use to since independence.


  3. At least we know he has a heart that can be moved to tears. I have watched president Obama moved to tears so many times especially when there is a mass shooting in American more so at schools. It's a feeling that u feel when you're human. The heart and mind of a criminal is set in stone. . No one knows what's their next move. Measures has to be put in place to deter all criminal activity but as to what can be done to change the hardened heart. .. only Devine intervention. St.lucians lets take this country back by force. Enough s enough


  4. Sad news for sure St. Lucia is like Chicago now and in Al Capone times. St. Lucians are huge copycats. The gunslingers want to be Jamaican bad men . The Trinidadians already copied Jamaica's bad boy culture . Look where it got them. T&T crime and murders are out of control. St. Lucians would do well to stop copying and sit and reflect. In a small poor society where everyone knows everyone this level of violence is unacceptable. Good luck in your search to get your island back to normal civility. Once the horse is bolted say goodbye.


  5. I fI was in his place I would cry as well. Knowing that I have no idea on how to approach this dreadful situation must make me cry.

    Stop crying my brother, its KDA who is killing the people. He was blamed for it while in office so the momentum continues.

    The first [police is the members of the public. If you do not let the RSLPF know who the criminals are then you all will continue to pay the price with blood.


  6. This is very strong I must share......There is nothing the government, the police, the judiciary or anyone else could have done to prevent these murders today. You want someone to blame, look in the mirror!! Yes I'm talking to you! You raise children with no discipline, no value for human life, no values, no morals. You expect the school system to raise them for you but when a teacher dares to discipline your child, you're in the school cursing out the teacher. You don't take them to church, Sunday school, don't put them in sports, cause your free time is for country and western and blockos. Your child brings home things you know you didn't give them but you don't question them. Your teenage daughter is sleeping with men to put money in the domestic economy and you encourage it. Hell you're doing the same at 35 so if her 15-year old body can fetch a higher "price" and it means she can afford to buy her own carnival costume, weave, outfits, to go to all the carnival fetes let her make all the bomb she can. Your teenage son is a little thief but you can't afford the sneakers he wants so heck, why not. It's 8PM and you have no idea where your children are. They're on the streets until midnight in their school uniforms 4 inches shorter than what the rule book says, using all kinds of obscene language but God forbid an adult dares correct them! By 14 your son's in a gang but you're powerless to do anything. He has no respect for you because respect and discipline was never part of his upbringing. His father was just another deadbeat, irresponsible St Lucian man who didn't pay child support to the 10 children with 9 women much less be present to teach his kids how to be a productive member of society. Your son's pushing drugs but if that helps you pay Courts and LUCELEC or can buy you the 50" flat screen tv then push on son! The police come for him when he turns 17 but you're busy cursing them and making a scene outside the courthouse telling the media "he's a good boy". At 18 he rapes and kills a girl but you mortgage your house to pay the best lawyers for him. You excuse and re-elect corrupt politicians. Politicians with criminal records. Politicians who have been arrested for various crimes. Your friend makes a big bobol but you say "don't judge the girl". Your nephew is a known woman-beater but you say "so the women like it". But when another man kills his woman and step-daughter you ask where is the government and police. You want somebody to blame St Lucia for the way things are? Blame your damn self! You're offended? Yeah, I know. The truth hurts.

    We need a serious re-set of our value system. Our priorities are out of wack. The way we view life is out of wack. St Lucian men need to understand how important it is to be present in the lives of their kids, raising them in the home, in good positive relationships with their mothers is critical to bringing up strong, productive members of society. Yes we need strong laws that serve as a deterrent to crime. Yes we need effective policing that assures the public a measure of safety. Yes we need a judicial system that penalizes the guilty. Yes we need jobs for the youth. But none of that will stop the crime. We need to go back to our core values. Strengthen the family structure, go back to God and make church a regular part of the weekly routine, encourage your kids to play sports, instil in them the value of education and hard work as the way out of poverty. We seriously need to take a good, hard, honest look at our selves and OUR role in where the society is today.


    • I have no idea who you are, but you are absolutely right...You hit the nail on the head. People in this day and age don't spend any time to raise their children. They let the deadbeat gangsters on the block do the job, but keep complaining when their kids want to be like those guys. They don't try to find suitable role models for the kids or anything of that regards. We are now reaping the fruit of their neglect. Kids need to be educated and hold proper values to a higher standard


  7. Sad to say it but i always knew crime would turn round and bit him in the butt. He publicly took the side of crime when the life of KDA was threatened. He failed to distanced himself from these threats. Rather he said he understood their position. So what did he think he was doing? I can't answer that! One thing i know is criminals certainly see him as their champion otherwise why are they so emboldened? Chastanet owe all law and morally upright people in St Lucia an apology for not denouncing a criminal act when he had the chance. I am ashamed for him and his political expediency.


  8. If only we had a PM like Duterte in the Phillipines. When crime got out of hand, he put on his bullet proof vest grabbed his gun and went looking for criminals.

    Sure the USA in his backside now but point me to a place that more peaceful than the Phillipines right now.

    We have to use different method from the USA...more aggressive methods. We don't Advance retina identification systems, or cameras monitoring every street. We eh even have a damn Forensic Lab. We need to use a more innovative approach to crime or it will keep getting out of hand. We cant just copy what the US doing when we dont have their funding or infrastructure, just cus they tell us to do it so.


  9. If we need to get help from overseas to get those so called bad boys off the streets so be it! Too many young lives are taken not inmcocently but michievously by mineces to our society. We need to cry we need to shout out for help we need in place a stronger force to make St. Lucia safe again. If those crimes happen in a certain are I believe our police office know which areas to target! We need a voice people and we need it to heard



    Saint Lucian police know how to apprehend these criminals and they know who the culprits are. But the police ain't want to go and apprehend no one because the magistrate and the judge letting the fellas get away on lite sentencing. YOU HEAR ME... IS THEM, THAT IS TO BE BLAMED.

    Fellas getting charged with guns you seeing them out next month on the streets. Fellas murdering people the out next year.

    So why should the police go put their self in harm's way and then you all letting the fellas go?

    What happen to these people in the country? The go abroad get their law degree, judges, doctors politicians etc the whole of them in high society and they can't clean up their house, they cannot perform in the real world their hands tied because of a few.



  11. The police know where all the action is. The road opposite Donnelly's in balata is infested with drug activity - whole day, every day. Have never see police near there. Coke, dope, guns are being peddled there. Prostitution of young girls....


    • My thought exactly if all these things take place in this are the most prevelant thing to do is raid this area clean out homes find those illegal weapons and put an end to the drugs and violence!


  12. so everybody vex Chastanet said he was in tears because people DIED. I wonder if he laughed instead how yal would feel.


  13. It is always easy to find someone to blame huh? Somehow the PM and the government, whoever it happens to be at any given time are always the easy targets for you all (you know yourselves). What are YOU doing to help, apart from obviously running your mouth, gossiping/complaining and regurgitating your ignorance in the comments? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And FYI, crying is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of emotion. All of us FEEL. At least it goes to show he is not a cold-hearted dog. Go and figure out how to help curb crime in your community, play your part and stop expecting the government to play God. Right now you have time to sit and type "elaborate rubbish" in the comments meanwhile your kids, family, friends etc are not safe. Again, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Think about that.


  14. Some ideas which in my opinion can help with crime prevention in Saint Lucia:
    (This is in no way exhaustive but just some thoughts that came to mind)

    1) For the Police
    You know the "hot spots", the "blocks" the hangouts, go there, do some searches operations all over the country, ramp up the questioning, road blocks, raids etc. Don't let the bad guys think they can just do whatever they want and nothing for that. Be more active!
    (Between you and me, not shots need to be fired for this).

    2) The Government
    It's high time that we had a fully functional and staffed Forensic Lab in Saint Lucia.
    It's high time that we had a WORKING CCTV network all over the country.
    More youth programs in difficult areas (e.g. sport programs; after school programs to learn music etc.; workshops to learn things like music production, graphic design etc.) I'm fairly certain you will get volunteers…
    On a side note, get that volunteer program going, don’t just have launching ceremonies.
    Programs at schools devoted to talking about ills in society and conflict resolution (you may not change all minds but you can present them with a better way of doing things). Young people respond well to visual things (e.g. plays, songs etc.)–just a hint.
    The judicial system needs to be beefed up, not nearly enough judges. And bad guys need to stay locked up if not the Police force will be even more discouraged (note I used, “even more”).

    3) The Church
    Plenty families are suffering out there, reach to them, both on a social level (basic needs) but also on a spiritual level. After all, wasn’t Jesus a people’s person? People long to belong to something. If you don’t reach out, the gangs will reach out…
    Organise social programs, kids programs, feeding programs etc. You’ve been doing it for years and are quite good at it; now is not the time to slow down but to be more active.

    4) To All Residents of Saint Lucia
    Don’t embolden crime and criminals by not speaking when you can assist with investigations. You may tell me that you’re scared but you can be smart about it and share information the will help with the investigation (without compromising your safety of that of your family). It’s one thing when it happens to the other person but a different story when it’s in your back yard. You feel really lonely and hopeless when no one helps...
    Let’s be a little less selfish and understand that even if it’s not us, we still feel the effect.

    We all have a part to play!!!


  15. Your BIG TALK made you PM. Now can the nation see BIG ACTION! We need a PM with Gorilla strength not one that cries Alligator tears!


    • @Mckeller......We all know once you drank from the red moonshine you would never be the same again. Very very sad there is no law about being stupid.


  16. Your BIG TALK made you PM. Now can the nation see BIG ACTION! We need a PM with Gorilla strength not one that cries Alligator tears!


  17. We don’t need tears. We need courageous leadership. Absolutely nothing has been done to stop the anarchy. Where is any resolution to the US pulling out support? Where is a genuine investigation into the Jamaican report? Where is transparency? Instead we get fatuous bromides. And tears. And salaries for failed politicians. The entire nation is terrorized. In over six months, the Parliamentary representative for Castries Central has not made a single statement, acknowledgement of the grotesque escalating violence in Castries which she represents. Where is she? We are drowning. His Lordship the Mayor of Castries – why were the street lights on the west side of the Chaussee out all during the Christmas holidays? Darkness. Basic stuff. You are not fooling us. You are ignoring us for your own profit – more trips abroad, more pontificating, more phony glory. WE ARE DROWNING. Stop crying. If this office has overwhelmed you, resign.


    • very well said... this Mayor of Castries is an embarassment to the people of central Castries. He has no good intentions for the people of the arcade whatsoever.. the dismissal of Mr. Louis Ferdinand big mistake Mr. Mayor...why is it because you have someone else to fill in that post?? smh.. Sarah Flood Beaubrun what are you doing about the crime no statements what is going on with you all...smh


  18. It was a sad weekend for our country. I was relieved to hear the leader of the opposition not blame anyone for the crimes. We as a society need to play our part. parents have to correct their children. the courts have to deal with the offenders. Politicians and affluent people have to be made accountable. The TV news stations cannot be parading the former Commissioner of police as an authority on gun crime when he was convicted of killing a young man by shooting. We as a society have to blame ourselves for the state of our country. We continue to vote in persons of questionable character to represent us because they are in OUR PARTY.


  19. Puzzled you confuse for real. When a politician goes about and tell people like you and others like you that the crime rate is too high and I or my Government alone can fix it you were not puzzled you you believe that. Now shut your PIS and deal with it. It is coming back to hunt him. Now lets all put our hands together and find quick solutions to deal with this problems cause our youths are going astray. At the end of the day St.Lucia is ours and cannot allow those criminals to take matters into their own hands. If you see something say something. Most of the criminals who have the guns are hiding them in their parents and family homes and will not call the police. Now lets help drain the Swamp and help catch the frogs. Their neighbors their friends their families need to call the police and report them. Lets Start Now