PM believes Raymond did the right thing in reporting the matter

PM believes Raymond did the right thing in reporting the matter
Raymond (left) and Chastanet.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has told reporters that the case involving Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, is under investigation and “we will wait to see the outcome and how information unfolds”.

Chastanet made the remarks today when asked about the matter in which an 18-year-old college student was charged for attempting to blackmail Raymond.

The prime minister noted that someone was arrested and that his minister did the right thing in reporting the matter to the police.

Chastanet said he has nothing else to say since the matter is “under investigation”.

“We will wait to see the outcome and how information unfolds,” he said.



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  1. As a brother in Christ do the right thing and resign.
    Our Lord is merciful he will forgive.
    Remember as a Christian if you want God's forgiveness you to must exercise forgiveness.
    Our God don't like men who are to proud.
    Also remember you family in the courts there will be full disclosure have you prepared your wife and family for that. I am praying for the young lady for you and your family.
    God bless


  2. Politicians are like condoms they halt production destroy the next generation give you a sense of security while you actually being screwed.


  3. This is very sad for St. Lucia as a whole since the minister is in a position of prestige and authority. Rest assured the world is watching this. If the allegations are true then the verdict should be just. I feel for his wife and family more than ever (truth be told they are the real victims in this situation).

    Notwithstanding the fact that an 18 year old in today's society is not the same as an 18 year old way back when. Trust me they are not as naive as we think. These young adults are tech savvy with hidden agendas ????? - that does not give him the right to engage - but rest assured this is the age of technology ---- stay tuned


  4. when will these SLP/SLAP hacks stop. you ll had two alleged rapists in government and mever ask them to resign. go sit you ll *** somewhere and stop behaving like crabs . d man had two women, his wife and jabal, how you ll ass get into dat. you all too fast. you ll did not expect that he would call the police for her so you ll in shock. salop


  5. Ubaldus is write is time them young birches stop making bomb for money an being man for sac salon if was a man that do a woman that he would have wrong she should be made a example out of Ubaldus that's life eh mine nobody birches will be birches an let all the sallops put for her go an work for your $700


  6. Ubaldus is write is time them young birches stop making bomb for money an being man for sac salon if was a man that do a woman that he would have wrong she should be made a example out of Ubaldus that's life eh mine nobody birches will be birches an let all the sallops put for her go an work for your $700


  7. What a pathetic, cowardly reply by the Prime Minister. An insult to every St. Lucian woman and girl.
    What a pathetic equivocating response. Have you no shame?


    • Your emotions about having seen him naked does not make the fact that he took private pics a crime. Yes, the embarassment is his, but there is no reason he must lose his job. The girl is legally an adult - no crime there. Let it be a lesson to him not to get sexually involve with puppies. On the other hand, the girl did commit a crime - not only did she attempt to extort money, she followed through with her threat. So as embarassing as it is that we've seen the minister naked, let's not be self righteous like we've never seen a naked man. Again, he did not expose himself to the public but to someone in private, that someone betrayed his trust - I do not see a reason to cry bloody murder regardless of the embarassment. The girls must understand though that extortion is illegal.


        • Your response is an insult in an attempt to dismiss - very typical. I would put a comma where you have that first period with a lower case b after the comma. The phrase "Both need improving" is not a complete sentence; therefore, should be a continuation of your first statement. Lol! The teacher needs a teacher?!


  8. But you would swear the man is so innocent and such a victim, am not saying that the young lady isn't also wrong but please man don't play the innocent victim which the whole of st Lucia including those "investigating" know you are not. It's clear to see you had an affair with the girl and things went south. She was in over her head so you want to save face and act innocent chups tun. Am sure if it was just his wife and not the entire world you wouldn't cry blackmail. But everyone knows so u crying.Am mad at the girl but more upset at the man for playing innocent. Man I'd have a little respect for you if you at least own up to your share of guilt in this situation and not drop all on the young lady. I also hope the other young girls take this as an example that the men don't give two hoots about them. When they are discovered they will leave you hanging child. Trust me, they will act as if the girl put theirmanhood to their womanhood and poor him had not involvement. I am thoroughly disgusted.


  9. How did the young lady get in possession of the footage? Was there a relationship? Please enlighten me because I really do not know, nor have I gotten the impression from the reports that there was anything of that sort. But if it turns out that there was something fishy going on between the two, then there should be far more to be said. One, Ubaldus pick on someone your own age and size. If she was related to so-so and her people high in society, you would not DARE take that action. Two, it shows that like many politicians on the SLP and UWP side, there are petty and little vindictive men around the place especially those with PhD's. Its like they have a little ro-ro woman inside them screaming to get out. makes one wonder about a lot of things. Three, Ubaldus is using his position and title to harrasss a young woman to show her who is boss. And if the courts and the police do not see thru that marjee, then awa wee! Four, Ubaldus should resign forthwith for undertaking these kinds of liaisons.




  11. A minister must be held to a standard that befits a minister....ministers must stops exploiting the young women who rely on them for protection and guidance..... this has been a norm in St Lucia and about time they are shamed for such abhorrent life style as government ministers....


  12. Some of these young women on island will go to hell and back for money. They will sell their own mother or child if they have too for a few hundred dollars. What she did was wrong he ass deserved to go to jail, she must learn, she wanted monies to go shopping she didn't get so the wicked witch came up with a plan. Insane if u asked me.


  13. I am listening to our PM. All he said so far the minister did the right thing. Nothing was said about his behaviour. For me strike one!
    Waiting and listening...
    Boy we are in sh-- in St Lucia! What does that say about the morals of our government. I am ashamed to be a St Lucian right now PM I am disapointed very much disappointed


  14. The minister should then be suspended until the case is completed. I knew chasnet didn't have the balls anyways. A young girl is facing the possibility of 14,years in prison while ubaldus is still getting our tax money.