PM appalled by Guy Joseph’s alleged attack on Supreme Court

PM appalled by Guy Joseph’s alleged attack on Supreme Court
Left to right: Dr. Anthony, Guy Joseph
Left to right: Dr. Anthony, Guy Joseph
Left to right: Dr. Anthony, Guy Joseph

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, says he is appalled by the recent attack on the Supreme Court and its Judges by Hon. Guy Joseph, Parliamentary Representative for Castries South East.

At a recent United Workers Party public meeting held on the Morne Fortune Lay-By, during Guy Joseph’s address to his audience in Kwéyòl, he said this (the English version follows):

“So I want to tell the lawyers something and I want to tell the judges something. You all heard a case in May. It have six months you all have not given a verdict. They say you not saying anything when you in court. That is nonsense, and if the judge want me to talk to him, I can talk to him, and I can take him on when I want. Because you cannot tell me you all was in a hurry to make the case, you all rented hotel to make the case because the court house was closed.

“You all rented Bay Gardens to make the case. When my lawyer comes down and he presented the case and in one day they heard the whole case and it have six months you all cannot give the verdict.”

According to Prime Minister Anthony, “Guy Joseph is clearly referring to his appeal from the High Court to uphold the decision of the Boundaries Commission to appoint Anthony Astaphan SC as its legal counsel in the Boundaries Case. This is an unprovoked attack on the independence and integrity of the Judges of the Court of Appeal and President of the Court who sat on the case. This is also a sinister attempt for whatever reason to drag the Judges into the political arena by dishonestly imputing improper motives to them. This attack by a former Minister of the Crown and current Member of the Parliament is unprecedented. It is unquestionably an insidious and political assault on the Court, and must be condemned.”

Dr. Anthony added, “This is so serious that I will request my attorneys in the Boundaries matter to refer the comments to the Court at the soonest.”


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  1. OK! Please asked the Prime Minister to pay very close attention to all the problems St. Lucia is faced with under his leadership! He needs to focus and focus hard and come up with solutions and not be wasting time on matters that do not need his attention! St. Lucians are suffering in more ways than one! He has a few months left to show his leadership skills and qualities!!! to clean up the mess in St. Lucia. This is what he should give priority to right now, momentarily!!!


  2. So because it is the court that the statements were made about, you feel that Mr. Guy Joseph has committed a cardinal sin. I must ask the question of you Mr. Prime Minister, what exactly is the big difference between what Guy Joseph has done and your own actions as it relates to the Royal St.lucia Police Force? Is your posture based on the power enjoyed by the court versus that of the police? The way I see it, scenarios appear to be an attack on the integrity of both institutions involved. Rightly or wrongly. So I don't see you as having any moral authority to condemn the actions of Guy Joseph when you are guilty of similar conduct. Your behaviors have enlightened me as the the reason ordinary citizens have so little regard or respect for our institutions.


  3. This guy Kenny hates Hon. Guy Joseph so much, even the air that Guy breaths he wants to cut off. You said that you would like to see back of Guy Joseph in the politics, well is my suggestion.
    You reside in Guy's constituency, he is your parliamentary rep. If you find he is not doing a good job representing you, then challenge his candidacy at the up coming general election. I have a feeling that Dr. Ulric Mondesir might just force you to do just that. The DOC ROCS.


  4. Think its HIGH time we stop referring to MPs, Minsters and Prime Minsters as HONOURABLE.

    Let's wait till they retire, look over their track records and then determine whether they're being addressed as HOUNARABLE is worthy.

    Just too reiterate that goes for the Prime Minister as well.


  5. What is the use of any PM who consistently claims the portfolio of the Ministry of Finance but the result is always consistently the same?

    The man only knows knows how to increase the debt of this poor country, instead of growing the economy. He does the same darn thing every time he is power.


  6. Trying to deflect attention from the shate he did in the house hoping it doesnt catch. You insult guy in the house and just to make sure people arent focus on that aspect you pull a stunt of being appalled. Well Sir you have a lot more to be Appalled by and i hope your bones are young enough to take it. Alvina may have to have an ambulance close to every political meeting you will be having.


  7. whats the difference with Guys statements and Stanley felix's o the dpp. he attacked the DPP and nothing. so shut your mouth. In my view he is quite on point that if it were so urgent to rent out a place for hearing, why no verdict to date.


  8. KENNY YOU SURPRISE ABOUT ANYTHING THIS GUY SAY? AA You wasting your time. You can try to rearrange his ignorance but you cannot improve his intelligence.


  9. Wasn't KDA appalled when one his of his rabid dogs attacked the DPP? Now he concedes by his actions that he needs US lawyers to get him out of a festering mess that he created. I guess that it's no longer the DPP's fault and some other scapegoat will be found.
    Maybe it's Guy's fault.
    I'm sure that Ass in the van is going to make a mint out of this..... Good for the Dominican economy but bad for our taxpayers.


  10. You were appalled at Guy Joseph's alleged attack on the supreme Court but you were not appalled when Guy Joseph was asked by the speaker to take his seat. Were you appalled when Stanley Felix asked the DPP on a political platform to resign, retire or go on vacation?


  11. Kenny you too viciez!! Why can't Guy ask questions about the length of time it takes to render a decision. We all have agreed for a very long time that the judicial system in St. Lucia sux. That jusgements take years for the most trivial of matters. That Bordelais is overflowing with people on remand for YEARS!! Yet you are so appalled by the obvious!

    You were not appalled when Stanley Felix and the rest of the Taliban fall down in the DPP skin for not doing anything about IMPACS after six months. You and all the Taliban were on radio and TV day and night lambasting the DPP for taking too long, but now, just because it's Guy Joseph you all frothing at the mouth like rabid manicou.

    Day by day you all becoming more desperate.

    Guy Joseph, my recommendation to you is to keep juking Kenny because it seems one day you will succeed in toofaying him by just speaking and representing the people. If you ever look at Kenny's face when he speaks about Guy it's like a man in severe pain who then goes on to lose all sense of reality, in a daze, and just babbles nonsense.

    Instead of Guy, you should be appalled about the Juffali nonsense you all have St. Lucia in.

    Shucks man! You too boldface.


  12. I am appalled that he is appalled. Anything that this PM is associated with, even remotely or indirectly is an enormous cause for NATIONAL concern. He created CSME and CLICO ate our supper.

    He agreed to Frenwell. The country lost U$ 58 million.

    He inserted Black Bay lands into an adventurous and speculative deal. The country forfeited the lands valued at US $86 million to the OTHER so-called investors.

    He was in another deal with Grynberg. The country lost U$ $150 million. Then it has to pay a possible claim of some US $500 million in a penalty. Meanwhile, the country still has to pay out money to retain lawyers to represent it in front of that tribunal.

    We had an investigation regarding the police. The handling of the report created a backlash of reduced politics enthusiasm. The crime rate shot up again. Now, Saint Lucia's sovereignty is on the line. The PM has seen it fit to employ the services of US lawyers to answer the US government. Seems like Saint Lucia has been reduced to a colony again. This time it is a US colony.

    He did CIP. The EU, Britain are asking questions regarding the result. The reality of the first CIP passport sale try hard as the SLP clowns might argue, everyone else sees it as is a transaction disguised in a diplomatic post.

    SLPs have been abandoning ship as the PM seeming daily and increasingly becomes unhinged. Have we not had enough yet?

    It is inevitable now. Call elections. Do not prolong the blowback of the 17-0 loss.


  13. That Guy Joseph really went too far now. He always opening his chest in Parliament and when they speaker tell him sit down, he sits down like a little boy. The judge needs to really manners him this time. He has no respect for anything or anyone.


    • Are you ears and eyes clouded?......He only questioned the justice system and he gone too far! Come on


  14. I hope the people that are supporting Guy in his garbage will help him to pay his contemp of court fees...

    Guy has no respect for authority and court of law protocol.

    For those of you that think the PM has nothing to do I hope one day you all we see the merit of his statement.


  15. I have repeatedly indicated St> Lucians are just wasting their time taking on Kenny. He takes us and the country for a joke! It is clear he gets his pleasure in feeding off of us and laughing too by throwing out comments which are absurd. That's all.

    He is a class act of disrespect for entertainment




  17. Now you see why st.lucians should totally reject the CCJ. Too much political interference.
    The professor should know better.


  18. Kenny, I am convinced you are really, really scared of Guy Joseph, and you will do every thing in your power to see that he does not win his seat, but we will see. Kenny you have grown in age, but my God you act like a boy. You are appalled at everything Guy Joseph does.


  19. Kenny you just got bodied by a bus driver...LOL. And the sad thing about it is that Guy keeps getting into trouble with you...cus he is just as clever as you--- and you hate this...LMAO. Wake up Kenny. The students are wide awake.


  20. Today on radio I heard Earl speaking a whole lot of crap abput the Juffali matter. Trying to convince Saint Lucians that this matter is so trivial and shoul not be given much attention. Well Mr. Pm if the Juffali affair that is currently the subject of a court matter in England and rigs of alleged corruption in your administration is so trivial then why oh why are you boring us with this story about Guy? Someone you have dismissed in the past as a poodle. Don't you have more important things to do? You are either a control freak, petty or can it be that beneath all that bravado you are scared of Guy? Maybe it is all three.


  21. Dr Kenny wake up to reality. U always appalled by someone statment. Just give up politics for the sake of good governance


  22. Is this attack as serious as the condemnation made by the PM on a decision made on the Helen Air affair? I think the PM forgets his utterances in public sometimes. Isn't criticizing a judgement worse than questioning the time and measures taken to make decisions. It is always open to parliamentary reps to question the efficiency and procedures employed in the justice system in the name of the people who it represents and who also pay for it.

    In my view Guy Joseph has the authority to question the efficiency of the Judiciary as he represents us. Isn't that the same thing that the US and EU are now questioning?


  23. Kenny you really feeding of the lack of intelligence in lucia....The people who rally behind your policies must have a brain as small as a mint...




  24. O please take a hike. In your earlier days you blamed the judicial system as if it were a joke. Why do you want to repudiate everyone who has copied the sins of your past.


  25. KDA.......smh..........KDA....This prime minister just amazes me. Still shaking my head, no lie, he deserves an award for class act.


  26. Mr. Prime Minister, be quiet. This is a democracy, not North Korea. The man is free to express his thoughts and views freely. What are you backward people so afraid of? Mr. Joseph seem to be a thorn in your sides. Please tell me what law has he violated. Maybe another one of your stupid outdated CROWN laws.


  27. Joseph has a vocal diarrhea and someone needs to put a stop to it, if not all which is good in this country he will infect.