PM Anthony “warming” to idea of fixed election dates

PM Anthony “warming” to idea of fixed election dates
PM Kenny Anthony
PM Kenny Anthony
PM Kenny Anthony

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Antony said he is “warming” towards the idea of having a fixed date for elections.

Dr. Anthony said this could help minimize a “mad scramble” in the months leading up to any general election.

Dr. Anthony made this disclosure during the In Touch programme with Press Secretary Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel aired on Choice Television on Monday evening.

The prime minister said because of the uncertainty of the date of the poll, it can be very distracting thing “week after week and month after month” for political parties.

He said he has noticed that political parties have started to campaign far earlier, unlike the past, when politicians would wait until later to begin preparing for elections.

“It could be a very distracting thing. I am not sure that can be in the best interest of the country,” the prime minister disclosed on the talk show programme.

However, he said the only problem was that Saint Lucia has a Westminster system of government, where it is usually left up to the Prime Minister to determine the date of an election.


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  1. What does it take for an average person to realize that Kenny is just playing politic as usual. All what he said could be taken with a pound of salt. He said that he noticed political parties have started campaigning earlier. Did the SLP of which is leader ever stop campaigning? He also mentioned a "mad scramble," who is scrambling to start projects all about the place without no idea where the money coming from? The PM also said that it is not in the best interest of the country. Since his party was always in campaign mode, therefore, who is acting in a manner contrary to the interest of the country? Same thing he said with VAT, then went about and implemented it.

    Now that he recognizes that he will never get elected again, he suddenly realizes what the people were saying about a fix date for election is better? Wow!!

    The PM makes one more bubu by saying "the PROBLEM is that we have a "Westminster system of Government where USUALLY it is left up to the Prime Minister." What is the meaning of the word "usually"? How could usually be a problem? But Mr PM without insulting our intelligence we know that "usually" is subject to change. So if we decide to have a fixed date, would it mean that we would have abandoned the Westminster system?

    Everything that the PM utters is characterized by half truths and misnomers. No wonder the PM does his best to interview himself. I think that it is either that we are a set of dumb people or we are just as corrupted in our thinking to elect such a person to be our PM.


  2. Since when a slow growing economy is a bad thing at least its growing there are other economies which are stagnant. Its not as if this is the worst economy list Smh


  3. The 5 slowest economies in the world

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    We compiled a list of 10 countries with the slowest projected annual growth rate, or CAGR, from 2014 through 2017 based on the forecasts from the World Bank's Global Economic Prospects.

    5. Saint Lucia
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    2014-17 GDP CAGR: +0.15%

    Economy: Saint Lucia's tourism-dependent economy never fully recovered after tourism drastically slowed following the financial crisis. (Even airlines slashed the number of flights there.) Saint Lucia's heavy reliance on tourism makes it vulnerable to off seasons when the global economy slows.

    Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

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  4. I too support the idea of a fixed election date, so that ruling parties cannot manipulate the electoral process.

    As I recall, Dr Anthony also advocated campaign finance legislation before he was elected in 1997, but has made no attempt to pass such legislation since coming to power. His party while in opposition also supported term limits for prime ministers, which apparently it no longer supports.

    So will Dr Anthony stay warm long enough to do more than talk the talk?


  5. This system can lead to serious Gopwell for the opposition parties, particularly when called at short notice. The opposition parties can minimize that by starting early campaigns.


  6. " the only problem is St.Lucia has a Westminister system of government"

    then throw this ancient system over board and make a REPUBLIC


  7. I'm sure it's a big distraction to you that you can call the election basically anytime you want. But I agree we need a fixed election date. Our system is a bit wonky. Election date called anytime by the sitting PM. The day after results the elected officials are sworn in and have to start work immediately ( or something to that effect). I strongly believe we should take a page from the Americans. Have a specific day or date for election...then after election day have a specific day to swear in the new government to allow smoother transitions of governments. Rushing leads to chaos.


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