PM Anthony reflects on 2015, optimistic for 2016

PM Anthony reflects on 2015, optimistic for 2016
Dr. Kenny Anthony, Prime Minister of St. Lucia.
Dr. Kenny Anthony, Prime Minister of St. Lucia.
Dr. Kenny Anthony, Prime Minister of St. Lucia.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony said his government has made some tangible achievements in 2015 and looks forward to building on this progress in the New Year.

In a short New Year’s message, Dr. Anthony said he is optimistic about 2016 and have every confidence that he will get the support of the citizens, to continue to do what is best for Saint Lucia.

“I believe in our country, I believe in our people and I believe in our future,” he remarked.

The prime minister said rebuilding a country is no easy task, explaining that there is a lot more work to be done.

“If we stand together, united, we can keep our country moving surely and steadily forward,” he stated.

Anthony said looking back, there is much to be proud of, because Saint Lucia and its people have come a far way despite the challenges that confronted every situation.

“Just a few years ago, we faced the prospect of an IMF Programme to save our economy. The previous government was weak and ineffective while the economy crumbled beneath our feet,” he asserted.

The prime minister explained that over the past year, his government has further stabilized the country, brought in record tourism numbers and revenue, and began turning the economy around.

He said the NICE programme created thousands of jobs all across the country and investment is returning.

“And, now, people are beginning to feel that the future can indeed be better than the present. We have been bold; we have been strong. Together, we made the difference for our future,” he ended.


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  1. He must be hearing the voices of dead people too. That is a kind of a spaced out picture you have there.


  2. There are no Keynesian "animal spirits" to be found in an economy that is so largely externally dependent for growth-related economic activity. But our political dummies do not know that or have no capacity to understand that. Where ignorance is bliss ....


  3. St Lucia 5th in The 10 slowest economies in the world

    2015 GDP: -0.60%

    2014-17 GDP CAGR: +0.15%

    Economy: Saint Lucia's tourism-dependent economy never fully recovered after tourism drastically slowed following the financial crisis. (Even airlines slashed the number of flights there.) Saint Lucia's heavy reliance on tourism makes it vulnerable to off seasons when the global economy slows.


  4. 1. A SHORT New Year's message. Well with good reason because things are only short when there is little to talk about or boast about or show.

    2. KDA says much to be proud of. Can we be proud of Grynberg, Lambirds and its shady business, Juffali, a fantasy diabetes research centre, a failed health system, a failed justice system, a shutdown crime lab and which is subject to criminal investigations, an under manned, under resourced and demoralized police force rattled by an IMPACS report all due to a cheap political game played for political advantage, a golden handshake at tax payers expense to a scapegoat former commissioner and now a collapsed DPP office.

    3. To date no accounting for all of the VAT monies collected as Mr. Peterkin had advised. So what will happen to CIP monies collected. Who will account for the expected hundreds of thousands? The experiences of St. Kitts, Dominica and Antigua are all starring us in the face. We will be the biggest fools to ignore what has happened in those other islands


  5. Kenny your days are numbered and elections is at fate's door and you won't be the one answering, do yourself a favor, just go and settle in Trinidad cause honestly I and thousands of St Lucian's I hear on the bus in town everyday average St Lucian's don't see you winning come next elections. You wasted four plus years of St Lucian's time bickering like a little school girl on the media about Allen and Guy and previous administration did this and that Bull**it when in reality you should have been addressing the nation on your plans of real plausible and realistic economic stimulation. Oh yeah don't use the " JOBS JOBS JOBS" B.S in your elections campaign cause trust me Lucian's just may riot. Think of me like an intervetionist someone who gives realistic advise and tells you how it is.


    • WOW!!!! His days are numbered, says who? Very sure of yourself. Notwithstanding the orchestrated thumbs down Lucians are not fools and they know what the likes of Allen, Guy Joseph (the other Guy is a good Guy), Ezechiel and the others are capable of. They were in political office just a few years ago. So go ahead and blow your trumpet in Mal Pa Pai expectation.


  6. Such a joke!! What Jufali? Grynberg??? How much of our monies have been spent on the Grynberg issue??? It's our monies, we need to know. What a complete fiasco. Who got paid in the Jufali deal? TELL US THE TRUTH SIR.


  7. I've got one word for you Kenny, JUFFALI, good year for you and your boy, you got paid STILL WAITING FOR MY CUT AFTER ALL I'M A CITIZEN TOO.




  9. This Airport PM is out of the country so much, he is always talking just as if he were a visitor from La-la Land. He must be visiting a parallel Saint Lucia in another plane? What do you think?

    Note too, that he said a lot of nothing about what he as PM and as Minister of Finance is doing to put the country on course towards sustainable development and growth. Nothing at all. That is not an issue. That is not his concern. Therefore, he is not at all talking to me or for me.

    Economic sixth-form college jokers as advisors know little about all their fancy talk and failed expectations regarding fully-booked exclusive hotels. They keep on jabbering about loads of cruise ship passengers that do not disembark or spend that spend very little money in country. Clowns are just clowns. Sadly, we have lots and lots of these jokers everywhere you turn in government today.

    Smarter people are just waiting for the end of all these unrealistic and false optimistic crap speeches to end with this year's election. SLP you still have so few runs on the scoreboard.

    No change. It is still 17 for Others, and 0 to more SLP better days.


  10. It's really a shame that a LIARs pants don't really catch on fire......cause all now so mate would have roasted nuts! Do us a favour KDA and go away for good! Thanks!


  11. Kenny you have no shame, that Christmas message was another bunch of cheap talk. You still think you will get the support of the citizens in 2016. Again you still talk about better days. For four years you put us through hell. As a matter of fact if you listen well you will not hear the phrase EN ROUGE any more, common sense has prevailed. People are not stupid. We have hard times ahead of us. You Kenny have to deal with Britain and the Juffali affair. You have to give due diligence to CIP. You still have to deal with Impacs. To top it all you still have to deal with a loosing SLP Party


    • Kenny and co. were the first ones who used these types of orchestrated propaganda on blogs in SLU politics. They’re just not ready to counteract yet. When they are ready you shall see the difference in every type of propaganda.


  12. You guys look like a bunch of very unhappy people because you realized that the island economy has turned the corner under KDA!!! Which one among you is an economist? You are talking gibberish. See how idiotic you guys are. Grenada's economy grew by 5% last year but they have an unemployment rate of just under 35% during the same period !!! Stop trying to be armchair economists... Crap... Why show hate towards Helen, just because KDA is in charge?


  13. bye bye Kenny hope I never see you again. where are the better days you promised. I cannot wait for you to be thrown/kicked out of office. good riddance.


  14. Again a bunch more of horse sh**, its 2016 when are you going to tell the people the truth????


  15. Really ? Is that what you consider growth ? Why does Kenny continues to insult the intelligence of the people of the land. The only truth about his speech was when he said it was short. I want to ask Kenny if the economy is in such a rebound and the investments are paying off then why ?
    Why is the unemployment rate so high ? Why do you have so many crimes in SLU? Where is the tourism dollar heading when all he promotes is all inclusive hotels in SLU. If his confidence level is so high about the future of SLU, I suggest he sets up a town hall to discuss with the locals. Stop having a one way conversation and then describe as short. Politics aside - he is in government. He should be honest with the people and tell them the truth. That might help him more than when he tries to sugar coat his statement. I wonder how he would describe SLU if he was in the opposition.


  16. I just do not believe this Guy, for asking the people in St.Lucia for support, St. Lucia must have Rocks in they head if give this a Vote.


  17. An aspect of the 'short' speech from the PM reminded me of a cancer. He insinuated that his government is rebuilding the country. In looking at a cancer, it is known that while the body fights to rebuild it's cells and tissues that have been destroyed by the body's own compromised and traitorous cells, it in itself is slowly dying. The PM and his minions are the body's compromised traitor cells; the cells and tissues are the people and organizations of St. Lucia; the dying body is the beautiful island of St. Lucia.
    I wish all St. Lucians a happy 2016 and hope that they will be lifted from the misery that they are currently in.


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