PM Anthony provides greater insight into Citizenship By Investment Programme

PM Anthony provides greater insight into Citizenship By Investment Programme
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia’s first citizenship by investment programme was announced last week at Arton Capital’s 3rd Annual Global Citizenship Forum, by the country’s Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning & Social Security, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony.

The announcement will see foreigners for the first time gain citizenship and a Saint Lucian national passport through investment in the country’s economy. The legislation was supported by all elected members of parliament, and the country will commence accepting applications for citizenship by investment on 1st January 2016.

Applicants will require a net worth of US$ 3,000,000 to qualify and St. Lucia has set an initial limit of 500 applications per annum. A citizen of Saint Lucia will hold a passport that allows visa-free travel to 105 countries and has a Passport Power Rank of 45, according to Arton Capital’s Passport Power Index.

Armand Arton, CEO and Founder of Arton Capital, said: “This is a ground-breaking announcement for all global citizens and of course for the country of Saint Lucia. It will bring great benefits to Saint Lucia’s economy, with international investment set to increase dramatically, which will contribute greatly to the country’s national development.

“The announcement will allow high net worth individuals to access several benefits, such as visa free international travel to a large number of countries, increased security and flexibility while traveling, and it will act as an insurance in times of political or economic disorder elsewhere.”

Speaking at the Global Citizen Forum, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning & Social Security said: “Saint Lucia is a remarkable country that contributes to world civilisation far beyond what is expected of our land size, population and gross domestic product. In some ways we have always been global citizens, we have given the world two Nobel Laureates, earning us the honour of having the highest number of Laureates per capita in the world.

“With this announcement, the country is now truly a member of the global citizen movement, and we look forward to welcoming our new countrymen and the positive impact they can make.”

Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Chairman, Citizenship by Investment Unit, added: “The exclusive new programme, permitting only 500 applicants per year, with a minimal net worth of US$ 3,000,000 distinguishes Saint Lucia from other programmes, and resonates with the country’s personable and luxurious surroundings.

“We are confident the new programme will provide a platform for strategic developmental reasons whilst attracting individuals who are best placed to invest in Saint Lucia.”

Considered the “Davos” of the global citizen industry, the Global Citizen Forum seeks to inspire change, provoke innovation, encourage engagement, and empower future generations during two days of debate and idea sharing.

The event aims to nurture dialogue with government policymakers as they look to evolve political, social and economic responses to migration; to inspire change and uncover solutions to global causes; and, to explore new ways that global citizens can contribute to society.


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  1. Too bad you didn't ask questions of the people that actually voted for you to find out how THEY feel about it. Not convinced that this is the best thing for St. Lucia. Our passports should never be for sale.


  2. Sir PM in today's world $3 million dollars is nothing. We have locals who build $3M homes here. If we are serious about our country let us look at people with serious money with the aim to invest it on our island. Please stop prostituting our country.


  3. Its time St Lucians get up and smell the coffee .We are living in a global village and there is nothing wrong with a person who was born on another piece of moving here to invest . It is time we show respect to our fellow Lucians . If it were foreigners doing the due diligence then we would accept. but because its lucians we have a problem with that . This is a good programme and we should embrace it . The Indians and Chines buy citizenship in St Kitts Antigua and Dominica ,and they come here as Caricom citizens . why cant we collect the money ourselves and let them invest here


  4. Unfortunately, the Labor Party has sadly ran out of gas. The party has displayed an inability to think big and brilliant to confront the problems of the day. Example, think of Sir John and his vision of Rodney Bay... and the results. Instead, we are witnessing little programs like STEP, Citizenship thingy that will not create a breakthrough to solve massive unemployment. By now, we should have had a master plan to create an agro-business industry that would have significantly dented the unemployment rate. Sometimes, when I am home, my heart actually aches for the younger guys and gals whose lives are impacted by this mess. I don't think the UWP can even do better. St. Lucia's brightest minds have kept away from politics. We are just saddled with a lot of worthless politicians who can't go pass waving their yellow and red rags to create diversions...and divisions.


  5. The headline reads "PM Anthony provides greater insight into Citizenship By Investment Programme." To whom did the PM provide such elucidation on the subject? Does the St. Lucian public only deserve second hand information? Take the IMPACS report for example, does the US need to know more of what is going on with our national security than the citizens of this country?

    Oh! I forgot that St. Lucians are an ignorant, mud between the toes set of people who don't even know where, when and why they should wash their own feet. I guess thats why they keep on voting for clueless shams like Dr. Anthony, he himself knowing full well that the abused population only votes on colour. whether red, yellow, green or blue eyed, they, like little children, will only grab at the toy which color appeases their eyes; even when the toy is a useless piece of junk they will just grab at the "Red STUFF."


  6. Nothing wrong with this program if handled properly.
    The most important element is to get applicants who are not nefarious or dangerous characters.
    Secondly you also want people who can contribute at another level by building residences and setting up business entities that can hire a few people each.
    Example: A $3 million house constructed over a two year period and 3 people hired for a small company means $750 million in construction and 1.500 people hired.

    Unfortunately Kenny Anthony as he has shown throughout his career only thinks short term and about his political survival. He is only interested in the initial payment so he can fund the elections by government spending over the next year.
    The more important ancillary investment will be ignored and as usual we will get 10c on the dollar by his poor management.

    We need leadership that will think about St Lucia and not themselves which is why at this time we are in trouble being offered only another wasteful spendthrift in Allen


  7. Well it looks like it is here whether we like it or not. My main concern is the process of due diligence, can we trust these processes? The US will be scrutinizing us VERY closely. I think there are benefits but my overall concern is how robust will our systems be which would mitigate against the risk of the money laundering and other unscrupulous activity that these potential investors might present. Some might just want a Lucian passport to gain quicker entry to the US for instance. Lets hope too that some are not swayed by the lure of a few thousands bucks to willfully turn a blind eye when red flags are picked up.


  8. Are you stupid, this has nothing to do with jobs. it has everything to do with
    money laundering, the rich hiding their money in Banks so they don't pay tax
    that they should be paying at home. Our beaches will soon be a place where
    we used to bring our children to take a swim, but access to locals will no longer
    be permitted. Think about it; why are potential leaders in the UWP are made to
    be silenced, and those we thought were mere puppets, are revived to create
    some mischief. There is no limit to the dollar value to create a Frankenstine to
    do your bidding in a place like St. Lucia with so many hungry and glutenous
    folks both in the Legal and almost every corner of commerce and Banking community. If you have a Brain, start thinking; if you have eyes, open them,
    and don't be stupid for once in your life time. Stop dwelling on ro ro educate
    your self and stop worrying on what this one said about Sarah: can't you see
    it is the blind leading the blind, don't allow any one to fool you anymore. Amen.


  9. Would any responsible pm do what this guy is currently doing? There are ppl living in abject poverty because of escalating costs of living and this guy chooses to make it worst. When all those snotty nosed white folks start buying all the prime land, where does that live the next generation of youth? The BIGGEST mistake I made in my life to date is to have voted for Kenny Anthony. Having said that, this mistake (along with those made by voting members of my household) CAN NEVER be made again - u can take that to SLDB.


  10. I didn't even take time to read the article, because no amount of explanation will convince me. History is repeating it's self ,


  11. We can't even claim a pc of our land without being put through so much hassle
    Nd ppl with money can just come nd claim
    What next
    What will our children gather from the land we call our home


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