PM Anthony on 5-day vacation leave

PM Anthony on 5-day vacation leave

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has proceeded on five days of vacation leave.

As such, Dr. Anthony will be unavailable for his regular visit to his constituency, Vieux Fort South, today, Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to return to office on Monday,  July 20,2015.

Hon. Philip J. Pierre, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport will act as Prime Minister while Dr. Anthony is absent from his duties.


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  1. plz dont come back i really hope you dont and take the hold slp with and talk to your uwp friends as well, take them too we dont want any of you guys running our country give lpm chance


  2. Only a few fools n horses typing them shit all u doh represent d mass, so all u talking about winning election's when is that going be? i have realize that kenny anthony's always in d news for d wrong reason, it is either u like or hate d man but u idiots make him stronger. One thing for sure all d flam-bow's who barking wish kenny d anthony was their mama nom or boap . Lol


  3. This man is heartless and has no valves and morals .He's probably going to spend the money he was given by the Taiwanesse somewhere he can trying to get a discount . Kenny please do us afavor your we your supporters request that you stay away step down for better days was surely without you ! We drank your broth and and eat the bread but honestly better days hurting us .


  4. Let him file and give notice of a continuous extension. The island is a better place without him. Too many publicity stunts and hot air! Good riddance!


  5. Obama spends more time on air force1 we don't complain why? because he's first black us president . They ban jackass flambou when chase-net come in he ent gonna travel they ban bwa bwa co zot yea, when that happens doh come to my adopted home land usa because no visa's will b issued during d yellow reign, you all idiot bigots need to look at u lot selves, ass hole lucians


    • Obama has more competent people in place. Therefore, he can go as he please. He also has his country at heart!!


  6. Why all these negative comments? if he was just sitting on his ass doing nothing the tune would ah been different but idiot lucians don't have a clue, is that d only pm that take's vacation leave? Boy yellows like fig vet for power


  7. I would hope it was indefinite leave like he gave commissioner because i don't think the country wants him back lol.


  8. Takes more time off after jetting all over the place and staying at some of the finest places all in the name of St Lucia. Choops man!


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