PM Anthony extends congratulations to Chef Nina

PM Anthony extends congratulations to Chef Nina
Chef Nina Compton
Chef Nina Compton
Chef Nina Compton

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia’s Culinary Ambassador, Chef Nina Compton, continues to wow the world with her culinary skills and exploits.

In September 2015, Nina’s New Orleans Restaurant, “Compere Lapin” was named one of the “Best New Restaurants Around the World” by the Huffington Post.

The article which appeared on states, “Compère Lapin… marries the flavors of her native St. Lucia, her experience cooking French and Italian cuisine, and ingredients from the surrounding Gulf area.”

Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has extended congratulations to the Ambassador on her achievement. Dr. Anthony said,

“Congratulations to Chef Nina on such a remarkable achievement! Nina continues to make us proud. I am especially impressed with how deliberate she is in incorporating Saint Lucian living and our unique experiences in her endeavours.

“Her love for our country and pride in her heritage is all over her work. From the name of her restaurant to the offerings at her tables, she is a proud Saint Lucian and represents us well.

“I wish her continued success. This is but the beginning of great achievements.”

Nina’s restaurant, Compere Lapin, was opened in New Orleans in June 2015, after emerging Fan Favorite and placing Second in Season 11 of Top Chef.


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  1. What more can we say about this strong, ambitious,humble and patriotic St. Lucian. We need to shower her with more recognition and awards.
    A true reflection of her paps. Yish papaie.


  2. Kenny you have the guts to congratulate Nina after treating her father sooooo bad. Remember Sir John was Nina"s father. What a shame, you are left to eat your vomit. You hated the Father Of The Nation with with a passion just as you are displaying your hatred for the Chastanets.Your reign is coming to an end.


    • You seem to forget what politics is all about. You need to take a chile pill. Compton was no Saint, he was an average leader who was not without faults like we all do. If you cannot take the heat, then you can't play in the same sandbox.
      Who said you need to be nice to politicians. They are all from the same mold. Trying to do whatever it takes to get elected. You must have a very short memory, or too young to remember some of the things that went on during Compton's reign.


    • Ha! Such naivety. These guys are all friends at the end of the day so don't pop the few brain cells you have over their platform politics behind close doors they laugh and drink together. Like the other poster mentioned J. Compton was no saint


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