PM Anthony explains reason for travel restriction from Ebola-affected countries

PM Anthony explains reason for travel restriction from Ebola-affected countries
PM Anthony.
PM Anthony.

The recent decision taken by the Government of St Lucia to restrict travel from Ebola-affected countries is one that seeks to reduce any chances of the deadly virus entering the island and protecting the citizenry, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has said.

He added that St. Lucia does not have the capacity unlike larger countries, where they can at least manage any such crises.

“Therefore it is necessary that we take early precautions, not only in terms of preparing our health care professionals, but also ensuring that we minimise the possibility that we can be an affected country,” he said.

Given the island’s heavy dependence on tourism, Dr. Anthony explained that St. Lucia cannot afford any chances of the Ebola virus entering these shores.

The prime minister remarked that the consequences will not only be devastating to the tourism sector, but the entire population.

“Our own people need and require protection and I regret that we have to take that decision, but we had no choice based on the circumstances,” he asserted.

The restriction will be temporary. The prime minister said once the situation is brought under control and word has been given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) then government will consider lifting those restrictions.

St. Lucia has already started training a number of health care professionals to respond to any possible treats of Ebola entering the island.

The island’s airports, seaports and other ports of entry have been equipped with staff and resources to respond if the need arises.

Neighbouring St. Vincent and the Grenadines has also placed restrictions on nationals from Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Guinea entering the island.


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  1. Please tell me if we not going to ban Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. It starts in Spain where you have ebola and it soo many people coming in at once.


  2. This is a good decision! I would say Africa on the whole cause persons can move from state to state in Africa and then travel to out of there with the ebola virus.


    • You need to go and read about Africa. It is not one country. It is a massive continent. There are 7 continents in the world and it is the second largest. It has over 50 countries (not states). It is much larger than Europe. Are you banning travel from the whole of Europe cause Spain has ebola? What you just said makes no sense.


  3. u know its ironic people saying hooray! smh
    that had to be done a very long time ago smh
    Firstly that measure had to be taken , secondly surveillance, thirdly quarantine and then health care
    WE all know that we have to keep it out cause once its here we would not have the resources to contain ebola virus.
    Our health care system sucks to the core and there are no ifs or buts ebola has to be kept out by all means necessary.
    I am patriotic don't get me wrong, i just find people should not be celebrating what should be done by any leader of a country and stop making it POLITICAL you'll party hacks cause any government would have to do the same.chpz


  4. Mr Prime Minister,good move but it does not go far enough.In my opinion I think you could go a bit further in the preperation ad reaction to this stuff.Get your team together and start doing some brainstorming sessions to have all our arcs covered.


  5. Go tell your pm that there is Ebola in America. Another nurse in America was diagnosed with Ebola.


  6. Hooray !! Hooray !! For St.Lucia PM , Dr. Anthony. I don't believe, I know this was the right decision for the island. Better be safe than sorry. May GOD keep each and everyone safe !


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