PM Anthony announces CBI Programme in key event in Monaco

PM Anthony announces CBI Programme in key event in Monaco
Kenny Anthony
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony. *Not actual event.

CS GLOBAL PARTNERS – On 7 October 2015 amidst a roaring applause from international businesspersons and immigration specialists, the Prime Minister of St Lucia, the Honourable Dr Kenny D. Anthony, officially launched the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The country’s newly-established Citizenship by Investment Unit will be accepting applications starting 1 January 2016, giving applicants the promise of fresh beginnings as we enter the new year.

The Prime Minister delivered a profound speech that showed pride in his nation and in the value of St Lucian citizenship. He noted that the Programme will run with utmost transparency and with an independent Board supervising the Unit. He also highlighted that the Programme “must be differentiated and exclusive,” and that St Lucia wanted its new citizens to enrich the nation, enhance its global standing, and ensure that its proud heritage endures.

Wyclef Jean, famed Haitian rapper, attended the launch of the Programme. At the request of the Prime Minister, he performed a song in front of an engaged audience, singing about Caribbean unity and the success of the region.

Indeed, with yet another island-nation introducing a Citizenship by Investment Programme and the interest of foreign entrepreneurs turning to the Caribbean, the region has much to celebrate.


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  1. Good comes with bad. But what is this? This is the good, the bad and more of Kenny Anthony's Better Days!
    By the way, when and where old chap, is the next trip? Which airport are you heading to next?


  2. they will pay dearly for this monumentous error. some "good" guys in the uwp will milk the money from that programme when they come in next year for all its worth. the fools just created a huge error. and that will be part of their downfall . there will be zero investment. this party aint getting my vote.


  3. First of all i would like people to observe the delusional characteristics of the PM. "He noted that the Programme will run with utmost transparency and with an independent Board supervising the Unit." Do you know that according to the CBI Act that the Minister has the right to review and change the decision of the same Board that the PM speaks of? In fact what that does is give the Minister more power to approve investors and hand them citizenship way beyond the power given to the Board. Is that independence and transparency? I am not even going to speak about the persons on the Board, however, i would like to know whether provisions were made for the opposition to allow persons to sit on this Board. If you are going to have an independent and transparent Board wouldn't it be fair that there should be representation from another side?

    Secondly the PM made the launching of St. Lucia's CBI to be more of a Caribbean CBI. Is St. Lucia too small or too low class to undertake such an initiative on its own? He brought Wyclef to entertain the audience, was Papa Vader too local or low class for this gig? By the way how much did we have to pay Wyclef? In light of harsh economic times befalling our country wouldn't it be better that this money be in the hands of a St. Lucian who would spend it here? Its like the PM is trying to fill a bucket of water but he then makes a small hole at the bottom.

    Is that a case of St. Lucians being given the middle finger again. I am thinking everyday is this Prime Minister really in our interest?


    • Quire aside from your misreading of the bill enacting CBI, GOSL did not pay for Wyclef to be part of the Global Citizens event, which Saint Lucia was invited to be part of, and at which Dr. Anthony took the opportunity to launch the CBI programme. Ronald "Boo" Hinkson and Werner "Semi" Francis were part of the Prime Minister's contingent in Monaco, both of them performed alongside Mr. Jean.


      • Where were 'Toes' and 'Pye Bananane'? Okay. He could have taken Jim Snow along for the ride too. It is just a lot of us are not being taken by SLP for a ride this time. The joke SLP is on you.
        Ay, ay, with all this economic prostitution on the way, the economy is bound to grow by leaps and bounds. Ah Ha! It is bounding. Look. It has created one new job and a new job title already,. The Italians call it prymus pimpuratti.


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