Don’t tarnish my reputation: PM angered by reporter’s questions

By SNO Staff

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PM Chastanet

PM Chastanet

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has accused a local reporter of being ‘malicious’ after he was questioned about the involvement of his family-owned business, Coco Palm Hotel, and Prince Harry’s upcoming visit to Saint Lucia.

HTS News Force’s Rehani Isidore had asked Chastanet on Monday, if the hotel is directly involved in hosting the prince during his stay on the island. But the prime minister was visibly angered by that question.

He responded saying, “Have you made any phone calls. You are lying. And what did Coco Palm tell you. Coco Palm is not even opened for November. The Prime Minister’s Office has nothing to do with the royal visit, that is something that is done through the Governor General’s office…I would never ever cause my former company to be involved in that.” Chastanet told Isidore.

“I am embarrassed for you and I am ashamed for you as a journalist, because it is something so easy to clarify. And I think what you did in fact was malicious. Thank you very much,” the prime minister said before walking off.

In a press conference hours later following that interview, Chastanet said he would expect only stuff like that from the “Labour Party” but he did not expect that from a journalist.

The Prime Minister said that he will be open and honest with reporters and members of the public, with any question being a fair question. “But please, don’t disrespect me – don’t try to tarnish my reputation,” Chastanet said.

According to the prime minister, for someone to ask him a question or put up information to suggest that “the Prime Minister is using his position to influence Prince Harry to go and stay at his hotel is irresponsible.”

However, some members of the media are questioning whether the prime minister’s statement and so-called “attack” on the reporter was warranted, given that it was a simple clarification on an issue that involved the hotel that he was managing before he became prime minister of Saint Lucia.

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  1. Mr. prime minister continue to maintain your classy dignified manor and do not allow anyone or anything take that away from you and make you loose your cool. Remember the oppoaition will send these people after you to see if they can destroy you. Stand yout gtound and do waiver ffor one moment. There will always be enemies trying to take you down, I admire the fact that you are trying to take this country in a different direction. Stay strong. Cheers.

  2. Blah blah blah. I am UWP but Chas want everyone to apologize but his sister dat wrote the press release in hiding while the little black boy gets a boot from his job. You people are sick to believe that when you support nonsense like that, how far it will go. Almost half of you all are black but you all giving white man and his white family an edge over you all. Stay slaves and keep begging for a dollar

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  4. For those who are reading this article (link enclosed) and coming to the conclusion that Prince Harry is staying at the hotel. Please Lucians please stop making fools of yourselves and displaying your intelligence or lack of it.

    Can some please point out to me the sentence where it states the above?

  5. the pm is perfectly right….well done……

    • So, those persons who were upset and felt that the PM’s comment on the number of deportees was embarrassing to the nation were also right as well I hope.

  6. Go easy. You might crack the egg.

  7. Of all the top hotels in St Lucia , why coco Palm ?

  8. PM Chastanet is looking like a rough diamond. I hope with time he becomes a polished MP that takes pesky questionings in his stride and with good humour.

  9. Mr. Prime Minister please remember that there are no dumb questions but only dumb answers.

  10. Finally a PM with some balls. I agree with Mr.Chastanet.

  11. When chas and his poodle finish with you’ll idiots that put them in power,you all will sing a different song. As far as I can see these guys run the country like it is theirs .

  12. Lmao a lil fire chastanet get he throwing a lil hissy fit hahaa. They hurt your feelings puppy bahahah. Chewps, move mate put king back…or whoever next on the list. Hahaha ah you disrespect me …small man.

  13. St Lucian’s come on! You’ll talk about the SLP i think you UWPs worst. Something as intelligent as what transpired. Know the facts. The facts; a press release was written by COCO Palms. The released was removed very quickly. The reporter asked a question. Our Prime Minister acted like a spoilt child. I felt embarrassed for our PM . This embarrassed behaviour is twice too many. PM you need some training and you better get it soon or else

  14. Journalist what was your point of asking that question? It was to tarnish or to suade viewers to believe that he would put them up at coco palm. You could have simply called coco palm and asked a few questions. Maybe I don’t know… If prince is going to be accommodated here what measures have you taken to blah blah blah his stay or simply wait for the matter to unfold and then report on it. For all I would want to believe the prince can afford to rent an entire house fly his maids here and his entire security party and still not be affected so why then would coco palm be the first choice. Eh?
    His own chef etc not that he won’t choose to stay in a hotel but yea whatever the ….he wants to do he will do. Just chill and wait….bloop and all journalist vex. Yes like all other professions we have issues. go sit in your bed and sleep. Non sense

  15. grow some nuts man!!

  16. chastanet dont hurt his feelings lmaoooo st lucia politics so funny

  17. yes uh these journalist like to ask people questions to make them say what they dont want or mean to say that is against themselves, like they already know the answer to the question but they still asking for people to say is you that say.

  18. Chastenet tarnished his own reputation when he started on an alleged lying note. Every single election promise was a lie and a bluff. Never mind Chastenet you will go down in history as the first PM to be removed from office before your term is up… …

  19. The traveling lying PM. St. Lucia has gone to the dogs

  20. I agree with the Prime Minister. ha ha not every one holding a mic is a reporter some of them behave like idiots. Isidore in my ponion wanted his alleged SLP associates to feel he is a brave reporter to ask the Prime Minister such a questions. Stay in your section.

    Bravo Mr. Prime Minister. Isidore I hope you do not make that same mistake, you must ask sensible questions. I personally do not watch HTS news. I only watch DBS news, thanks to SNO where I was able to read about it.

  21. I hope those people who used to talk crap about press freedom and Kenny’s media terrorist comment can chill now. Allen Chastenet is already showing that he has no tolerance for media workers asking certain questions … He better watch himself. The media has the power to topple you.

  22. In your face Rehani you are playing with fire. I love my Prime Minister, he’s another John Compton takes no BS from you all SLP hacks. You mal cwab he break your gundee disgusting.

  23. Good. These alleged Labour Hacks must know when to ask appropriate questions

  24. Now my EPoll question. Do u think Chasnet gave him enough? E POLL SAYS 99% SAYS HE DID NOT GET ENOUGH!! RED PARTY HACKS REFUSING TO DO THEIR WORK PROFESSIONALLY

  25. Bore someone else with all these details… St. Lucians like to much drama instead of focusing on what’s important they like roro… you need jobs, you need real solutions to the crime situation in the island, you need real action to deal with the youth un employment…etc etc you people just get me sick at times. Give the man a chance to do something before talking so much and in the mean time you are preventing things from happening… come on now people … enough with this politics non-sense and open you ears and eyes and get ready to make some changes or else you will be left behind in ruins which you can see taking place already….I am sick an tired of these talk talk talk and nothing much changes this man sees like he is on a mission to do some changes let give him at least one year to see how’s he doing…

  26. First of all who was responsible for that tacky Coco Palm press release?
    In my opinion I could not believe someone wrote an article like this as it appeared to be a cross between cheesy tabloid news (the reference to girls following the prince) and an attempt at something official.
    Was someone at Coco Palm responsible for this article which was posted on SNO and subsequently removed? Before this was submitted to the press did they even realize that there was what appeared to be conflict of interest.

    Why was the article removed from SNO?

    Who was ultimately responsible for this release?

    In my opinion the reporter had a right to ask. Did the PM take out his anger on the wrong party? Was a subsequent statement released from Coco Palm clarifying the issue after the fist one was released and removed?
    Who authorized the release to the media? Why would anyone for that matter write this article which raised a lot of questions.
    So then why couldn’t he ask?

    Now to Chastanet’s assertion that about his reputation. I could understand if Chastanet starts to act this way. Because the amount of attacks I have seen on this man, it is just a matter of time before a person gets upsets.

    • If you took the opportunity to listen to you dear PM last night in his press briefing, you would have heard straight from the horses mouth that his sister who is running COco Palm was the one who sent out the press release, and the Office of the Prime Minister asked her to retract the Press Release.

      SNO do not just write press releases on their own, and the very same sister asked SNO to remove it. Now ask yourself why did the sister put out that Press Release if there was no truth to it at the time. And why wasn’t a subsequent Press Release sent to apologize for the misinformation.

      So Rehani’s question was based on that Press Release. Come one, open your mind and think!

  27. I can only conclude that this defensive behavior warrants further investigation. As a Prime Minister or public figure you must expect the media and public to question your actions, seek clarification on your position on certain issues and to provide a level of transparency that would leave the populous/electorate at ease. I find his response unprofessional and undignified for position he currently holds. This could have played out much simpler without the insults hurled at the media person. What arrogance!! Its like he is above being questioned. This should not be a SLP or UWP issue. This should be viewed objectively … Wrong or Right???

    • The Prime Minister is a human being too, he gave The reporter the right chorchot, he deliberately was pushing the PM button, but Isidore got it, next buddy don’t try nothing

  28. I dont watch HTS because of Miguel and Rehanni. They are both operatives of SLP, its not as balanced as other journalists

  29. I totally agree with Mr. PM. Rehanni Isidore and Miguel Faverier are open slp operatives, it is quite evident by their reporting on HTS. That is why I dont watch HtS. HTS is not fair, its not balanced. The good things that the Government does is always in the back of the news and any stupid press release by the labour party always makes the headline. Especially that Fish Miguel Feverier, he is so blatantly disresctful to the prime Minister. Trying so hard to please the SLP. hmmm they still wont make any of you press secretary so stop preparing for it. Nonsence. This has to stop

    • I don’t know if your assumption is correct but I do get the sense as well sometimes that HTS sorta plays the bias card with regards to the two parties (favoring SLP). As for the reporters you mentioned, I don’t know either although one picks up every now and then that Miguel might be leaning more towards the opposition. Again, it’s all speculation but a few comments, questions and the focus of news pieces tend to make you pick up a certain “vibe” from journalists as media houses as to where their support lies.

    • Shows how little you know.

      Are you aware that the SLP referred to him as a UWP operative too.


      Once it eh meet ya’ll agenda ya’ll uick to say….

  30. U need to stop lieing to the ppl ..November season is booming but ur hotel close chpz …Mr pm u just making ppl dislike u

  31. Straight shooter. No BS. No false shine. No big words. No niceties. Chas is really raw. Another John Compton I think.

  32. LMAO LOLOL chas went iiiiinn on Isidore. Probably sense that labour hack from a mile away.

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