PM and cabinet ministers visit Soufriere to survey damage caused by fire

PM and cabinet ministers visit Soufriere to survey damage caused by fire
Photos by Office of the Prime Minister
Photos by Office of the Prime Minister

PRESS RELEASE – A fire that started shortly before midnight on Thursday, October 22, 2015, destroyed six buildings and left a further five damaged along Bridge Street and Sir Arthur Lewis Street in the western community of Soufriere.

On the morning of Friday, October 23, Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony led a team of Cabinet ministers to survey the damage and to meet with business and home owners, residents and emergency officials.

Member of Parliament for Soufriere-Fond St. Jacques, Hon. Harold Dalsan was out of state at the time, but he said he would cut his trip short with immediate effect to return home.

The Prime Minister was joined by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Hon. Philip J. Pierre; Minister for Home Affairs, Hon. Philip La Corbinierre; and Minister for Commerce, Hon. Emma Hippolyte, who is herself a Soufriere native.

The Prime Minister praised the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, the Saint Lucia Fire Service, and the citizens of Soufriere for their quick response to the fire. But for their intervention, an already tragic situation could have escalated.


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  1. God sent! What a photo op this has turned out to be! It is over the top. They are milking it dry.
    But what it shows is that these idle ministers have finally found something very useful to do. They are dishing sympathy and hope.
    But when will the real help come about? Is it just before the election?


  2. These photos get me sick. It is starting to appear that these Ministers are happy when there is an incident like this, to take photos for political gains. 27 out of 34 photos with a politician? It make me feel to vomit.


  3. Let Soufriere people deal with their own problems. I tried putting a business there years ago, they said you are not from Soufriere. Kenny you yourself, you are not going to help. You have not finished building the hospital in Vieux Fort, is the Soufriere people you going to help.


  4. Its an evilous witchcraft town. When you are in any friction with these Soufrierians you often here them say i will do you this or that.


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