Plans to assassinate BVI Premier revealed

Plans to assassinate BVI Premier revealed
Andrew Fahie
Andrew Fahie

(BVI NEWS) — Amid criticism for hiring bodyguards after being appointed to the highest elected office in the BVI, Premier Andrew Fahie has reported that he has received three credible threats to “assassinate the Premier”.

While speaking in the House of Assembly on Thursday, Premier Fahie described the matter as a sensitive national security issue.

He further said the advice to procure bodyguards came from local police who are probing the matter.

And in a message directed to persons he described as the ‘three entities’ behind the threat, Fahie said: “I will not be intimidated by you. You will not frighten me.”

He further said his bodyguards have been advised to use lethal force against any would-be attackers.

“If anybody make the attempts, I tell them (my guards) to shoot and kill them.”

The Premier, who was making his introductory contribution to the 2019 budget debate on Thursday, said monies have been set aside in the said budget for his bodyguards.

Uncomfortable adjustment

The Premier made it clear that he finds no joy in being forced to hire personal security and told the House that it has been a less-than-comfortable ‘adjustment’ for himself and his family.

Premier Fahie also rebuked detractors who have strongly criticized and sought to ridicule him for hiring security to protect himself.

He did not specify who those persons were. He, however, said: “They know some of their friends trying to have me killed”.

He said he will not “feel bad” about taking preventative measures protecting his life.


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