Plans in full swing for South Jounen Kwéyòl 2012 Festival

Plans in full swing for South Jounen Kwéyòl 2012 Festival

The South Jounen Kwéyòl Committee, the South Constituency Council, and the Folk Research Centre are pleased to inform the public that plans are well underway for the staging of the 2012 South JounenKwéyòl Festival on Sunday 28 October 2012 (JounenKwéyòl Day) at Beanefield Park, Vieux Fort (inclusive of the four-lane Highway).

The festival will include exhibitions of folk technologies such as the making of fish pots, cane juice, brooms, local lumber, farine and cassava bread, charcoal, dugout canoes, steel band, wood carvings and other crafts, coal-pots and other clay ceramics.

An Entertainment stage will feature folk story telling, a kwéyòl fashion show, La Wòz groups, kutumba music and dance, steel bands, quadrille music and dance, other folk music and dances, and a kwéyòl Music Fiesta involving performers of original kwéyòl songs of popular music genres, including reggae, soca, dancehall, and latin.

As usual, a potpourri of St. Lucian kwéyòl cuisine will be on offer. However, the JounenKwéyòl Committee will be working with vendors to ensure that the public is presented with as wide a variety of local foods and beverages as possible. Thus patrons can expect, among other treats, roasted breadfruit, green fig and salt fish, smoked herring, manicou, souse, fried bake and floats, accra, cocoa tea, spice rum, local wine, and juices of golden apple, tamarind, guava, lime, and grapefruit.

To ensure that children are not left out of JounenKwéyòl celebrations, the Festival will include a special children section where children will be entertained by traditional masqueraders and where they will be encouraged to compete in such games as Kwéyòl word scrabbles, ring and Kabouwé races, yoyo, marbles, tops, with the winners walking away with exciting prizes.

The Festival will also boast a special JounenKwéyòl interpretation centre where folk technology, folk artifacts, Amerindian artifacts, various crafts, and books and other literature depicting St. Lucian history and culture will be on display. A tour guide or interpreter will be on hand to take audiences through a tour of St. Lucia’s folk history and culture.

To ensure an orderly and enriching JounenKwéyòl Festival for all participants, vendors are encouraged to register for a booth at the office of the Vieux Fort Town Council as soon as possible. Booths will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

The South JounenKwéyòl Festival represents a departure from other JounenKwéyòl Festivals in that it encompasses not just one community but the southern half of the island, meaning that communities stretching from Micoud to Choiseul have come together to plan and participate in the staging of the event.

Besides the South JounenKwéyòl Festival, the Vieux Fort JounenKwéyòl Committee will be hosting Un SwawéPoizi (a night of poetry), Kwéyòl radio and television call in programsme, a Kwéyòl workshop, a panel discussion on the merits of the Kwéyòl language; and, in the spirit of creole heritage month, the La Voile Bleue Inn at Sandy Beach, Vieux Fort, managed by a French national of St Lucian parentage, will be hosting a JounenKwéyòl night of foreign and local performers of creole music on Saturday, October 27.

For more information on the South JounenKwéyòl 2012 Festival, readers are encouraged to call (454-6335, 454-5036, 454-6793, 720-6071, 715-4770, 712-8024, 718-6828) or email ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]).


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  1. Do we St. Lucians really eat possums aka manicou? Oh my God poor little possum, my mother always say no other animal eat a possum when it's dead to be honest I think she's right I've seen so many road kill ones in Florida and we walk our dogs by they do not even make an attempt to sniff it, we have to call the city workers to pick them up.My Grenadian friends always tell me that is their main dish oh boy no Grenadian stew meat for me LORL.Bet sa la ca sam a go wat.


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