Plans for NWU conference in full swing

Plans for NWU conference in full swing

The National Workers Union (NWU) is at an advanced stage of preparation for the holding of its 3rd Triennial Congress of Delegates scheduled for June 2013 at the Conference Room of the Royal Saint Lucian Hotel.

The day’s proceedings will commence from 9:30 a.m. under the theme for the Congress which is “Consolidate for Survival”.

Over 140 delegates from 81 branches of the National Workers Union will participate in the labour event.  The Congress will have an open and closed session.  A new Central Committee to administer the NWU’s operations for the next triennium will be elected at the closed session. Delegates will also discuss, carve and reach agreement on policies and resolutions that would drive and re-shape the purpose, commitment and responsibilities of the NWU.

An additional feature to this year’s congress will be the presentation of awards during which six individuals will receive awards for their contribution under the headings of: the development of the trade union movement, national building and political education of the working people.

About 10 shop stewards and activists will also be honoured for their sterling commitment to the overall development and defence of the National Workers Union.


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