Plan to increase minibus fares put on hold

Plan to increase minibus fares put on hold
Godfrey Ferdinand
Godfrey Ferdinand
Godfrey Ferdinand

President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), Godfrey Ferdinand, has said that no decision has been taken with regards to increases in minibus fares.

Ferdinand said it is not clear whether a hike will be implemented anytime soon because it would require a majority of the minibus associations to agree before such as move could be taken.

He explained that most of the associations, does not see the need to implement an increase now, because there are other issues that they prefers to be addressed first.

The NCOPT executive, along with Ferdinand, met with Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony on Sunday.

It was revealed that during those discussions with the Prime Minister, the NCOPT made a request for concessions especially since the concession period will end in 2017.

While an agreement was not reached, the NCOPT plans to continue meeting with government to ensure that the concession period is extended, so that bus drivers will continue to benefit from the arrangement.

Besides this, the NCOPT raised a number of other issues, especially as it relates to crime against bus drivers, proper parking and washroom facilities, among others.


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  1. bus drivers alone will benefit but everyone else has to suffer. kenny anthony know how to buy votes n still not for that he will win that election. SELLOUT.


  2. The government should think about investing in a few large public buses such as those in martinique and barbados to give you guys competition......I'm tired of those greedy minibus drivers always asking for an increase fares. Majority of st.lucian traveling by bus are poor and cannot afford the current fares. What you should do is cut down on yiur numbers drivers or work on a shift system, there are too many of you greedy sharks on the streets anyways. The people who truly deserve a raise are laborers, janitors, get the drift!!....
    These lazy farts...some of you should go learn a proper trade or become farmers do something meaningful....


    • i so totally agree on this even they should invest in getting buses and give one price as bim and when people will see the difference obviously they will go on the bus instead of over price fares,its all about i want i want i want its annoying,and it's not everyone who can afford these jack up prices come on there are elder folks and the ones who are trying with under wage salaries as well,feeling pissed about this selfish bus on hold issue.


  3. The Government of St. Lucia should consider increasing its age of consent to at least 21 years 11 months in order to prevent these predatory bus drivers from leering at 18, 19, 20 & 21 year old women.

    We will find a way to increase the age of consent in St. Lucia to 21 years. We have to prevent sexual violence of women.


  4. In crease in bus fare should not have on the card, Gas prices ie currently reasonable so give the commuters a break for God' s sake.


  5. Heard with my own two ears that they will raise bus fares after elections. Prime Minister Kenny Anthony told them that the concessions will be renewed if they kept quiet about raising bus fares until January 2017.

    I was so disgusted to hear that. People open your eyes and see the manipulation these people are performing on us, we the people have to ask questions of our leaders and hold them accountable for the nonsense they do regardless who it is.


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