Pit bull mauls worker to death at pet hotel

By New York Post

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(NEW YORK POST) – A Louisiana woman working at a pet hotel was mauled to death by a pit bull, authorities said.

Laura Williams Ray, a mom of three, was killed Tuesday night when the 50-pound dog attacked her at the Happy Hound Hotel in West Monroe, news station KTVE reported.

The kennel owners said the fatal incident occurred when the woman was trying to feed the dog. It is not known why the animal, who reportedly didn’t have a history of aggression, suddenly became violent, according to news station KNOE.

“Our hearts go out to the family,” owner Leanne Stuckey told The News Star. “I’m just grieving for them.”

The pit bull was released from the boarding facility into the custody of Ouachita Parish Animal Control.

District Attorney Steve Stew announced that his office is reviewing the case, according to The News Star.

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  1. These so called pet lovers at times treat these animals better than people, and even treat these animals like people. Yes I understand we adore and love animals but the levels these people go to help and protect these animals are unnatural. Like I've always said, unless every sick child woman and man are not houses and fed I will always put more of my efforts towards helping people first then animal. Alot of these people have psychological issues which leads them to treat animals in this manner. I've always said animals have their place, and when you start treating them like people that when it becomes ridiculous and plain weird unnatural and wrong. Let's help out our fellow man first than our four legged companions.

  2. Look to the true experts of
    dog aggression,
    The dog fighters of the UK and NA.

    You'll notice that all dog men choose pits exclusively. They should know, as they c

    All dogs can bite however most dogs, including Dobermans and dachshunds, were never intentionally bred to mature to suddenly become deadly game insane fighting dogs.

    No one who has the welfare of all dogs as a priority would want more dogs to be born with the man made birth defects to mature to suddenly
    hunt down, attack and kill DOGS, for no reason other than mutant instinct.

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