‘Pimp Juice’ wanted for allegedly chopping man in neck

‘Pimp Juice’ wanted for allegedly chopping man in neck

policelights29A man known as ‘Pimp Juice’ is wanted by the Richfond Police for allegedly chopping a man in the neck in Dennery earlier this week, a senior police officer has told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Reports are that on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015, between 9:30 a.m. an 10 a.m., the victim, 49-year-old Felix Constantine also known as Gee Can and Phillip, was allegedly involved in a dispute/altercation with another man known as Pimp Juice, when he sustained a serious laceration to the neck.

The incident occurred in Gadette, Dennery.

Constantine, who was scheduled to do surgery around midday Wednesday, is reportedly still in hospital.

The assailant, who is known to the police and his victim, is still at large. He is reported to be from Gadette, while the victim is reported to be from Aux Lyon.


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  1. Ever wonder why Dennery people are so aggressive and to an extent violent, do your research. The maroons settled in that area and they too were aggressive and violent. So I guess they left their trade mark.


  2. Th battle of the Juices!!! Hahaha in the left hand corner we have Geeee Caaann and to the right we Have Pimp Juice!!!...

    Serious note people becareful cool out on de violence!!!!


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