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Pierre writes Chastanet and threatens court action

By Gideon Aurelien

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Pierre (left) and Chastanet

(SNO) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is calling on Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to seek parliamentary approval for a loan it has given to the construction company called Fresh Start or else it would go to court over the matter.

“I had hoped that you would have honoured the law and obtain parliamentary approval of this transaction. If you do not seek parliamentary approval of the loan by Fresh Start Construction Company within the next sixty days from the date of this letter, then I will have no choice but to seek a Declaration from the Court that this contract awarded to Fresh Start Construction Limited is unlawful in that it did not secure the approval of parliament as provided by Section 39 and 41 of the Finance Act,” wrote SLP and Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre in a letter to the prime minister today.

The letter to the prime minister is all about the Direct Purchase Contract that was a awarded to the Fresh Start company in March of last year to rehabilitate six kilometres of road in the constituency of the prime minister, Micoud South.

According to Pierre the contract was awarded to Fresh Start without bidding, internally or otherwise, at a total cost of EC$15.9 million.

“I note that the contractor agreed to finance the full extent of the works at a total cost of $15.891 million dollars. For all practical purposes, you accepted the estimates prepared by the contractor. This, in itself, is most abnormal and unusual,” Pierre wrote in his letter to Chastanet.

According to Pierre in his letter, the contractor (Fresh Start) described the loan as a ‘Design/Build/Finance-Road Rehabilitation Loan’. He said the financing proposal notes that the contractor finances the full extent of the works and that the repayment term is four years at an interest rate of 6.5 percent per annum for the entire duration of the facility.

He also said that this new provision says that the contractor may consider transferring their rights and obligations under the loan to a new financier.

Pierre said the provision was somewhat surprising and a new financing policy of the government as it appears that the government actively supports the sale of payables due to third parties.

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  1. Definition of stupid: Knowing the truth, seeing evidence of the truth, but still believing the lie!!

  2. its as simple as 123. whatever government it is, they will continue to piss in our eyes. capitalize on situations to gain political millage and when they succeed in getting the electorates on their side, they turn round and spit on them. all that heavy campaigning on Grynberg, Rochamel.
    is that one any different. its not Kenny's Government now. Pip in charge and i fully support him. i stand neutral.

  3. I agree because it is only Kenny who can do such things.

  4. Well by that Mr. Pierre has an great opportunity to clarify to St. Lucians why it is wrong and why he should be held responsible for past deeds. If Pierre were smart he would recognize that this may be a set up because the law was recently amended to do away with the limitations in prosecuting public officers involved in wrong doing.

    So going to Court may give the government legal standing to come after you to own up to Grynberg, Rochamel and Frenwell. It seems that the old legal maxim will apply "He who comes to justice must come with clean hands.

    It is only when one accepts responsibility that the country can move on, however, we cannot move on from wrong if the wrong doers are not held accountable because it would be the law and justice would only serve some.

  5. PIP intention is to stall any work going on this country!!!!!! No wonder he could get nothing done as Infrastructure Minister!!!!

  6. The PM should reply by saying he will table it on the same day as the Grynberg agreement/rochamel/IMPACS/Range land sale is tabked in parliament! Didnt Rayneau have the same arrangements?

  7. When you Mr pierre and others were doing it fir Rayneau when you'll were in power.. nothing for that... the shoe is on the other foot.. you jumping like a little puppy.. bunch of J.A.$$$$$

  8. Give the freaking UWP government a chance to do their job. You all SLP idiots are too power hungry.

  9. Go for it Prime minister Pierre the well read does not forget about the bubul that's going on with the airport . A&M, Antonio Assenza, teefing Guy, and all others including not excluding Allen Chastanet. You will prevail. I am a aww how soon St Lucians forget.

    • Well said ! Well said indeed I quite agree Alzheimer country Lucians only want remember what they want. Anybody who thinks the government should turn a blind eye on the prime minister and his cronyism with issues of government contracts with out any transparency are dam fools. They themselves are considered to be enemies of the state.

      • We havent forgotten Grynberg, Rochamel, Frenwell etc.

        • If it was wrong then, what makes this governments actions right? Further more if these were reasons for voting out the former government why is this government doing the same? A wrong is a wrong by any other name and should never ever be defended.

          • So why mot own up to Grynberg, Rochamel and Frenwell. It seems that the old legal maxim will apply "He who comes to justice must come with clean hands.

            It is only when one accepts responsibility that the country can move on, however, we cannot move on from wrong if the wrong doers are not held accountable. It would be the law and justice would only serve some.

          • I agree Let them continue on the same cycle. That's why Barbados fall because of this very same carp. That's why this country can never move forward

  10. Did you notice, Dear Reader, that Mr. Pierre the novice, failed to read out or spell out the provisions in the law that makes the actions of the PM illegal?

    Let's go to the mat on this one. Take the government to court.

  11. Mr Chastanet should moon Pierre and give him a solid heart attack LOL.

  12. Call their bluff, go to Court. Pierre have allowed R.F. to get to his head
    and is dictating the terms to him. Pierre is playing a game he cannot win.


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