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Pierre to be appointed acting leader of SLP

By SNO Staff

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Minister Phillip J. Pierre

Phillip J. Pierre

Former Deputy Prime Minister, Philip J. Pierre will be appointed as the acting Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader following the official resignation of former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

General Secretary of the SLP, Leo Clarke, has said after 7 days of receiving Anthony’s resignation, a national council meeting will be held to endorse Pierre as the acting leader.

Anthony submitted his letter of resignation as SLP leader on Thursday.

Clarke said Pierre will continue to serve as the acting leader of the SLP until the next party convention which is due sometime in October, where members will choose a substantive leader of the party.

Elected members of the SLP are expected to meet today (Friday) to choose a leader of the opposition.

Anthony had declared his intention to resign as the SLP leader and not to serve as the opposition leader following the announcement of the June 6 general elections.

The former Prime Minister managed to win the Vieux Fort South seat for a fifth time but by small majority. His party only managed to secure six of the 11 constituency seats.

Anthony served three terms as Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

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  1. PIP as leader of the SLP , what a laughable joke . This guy has no guts for leadership I wouldn't trust him to lead a troop of boy scouts. He has been following all his life , remaining in the gutter playing cheap politics. The guy lacks statesmanship.
    No guts and no backbone . Remember his demeanor in palarment over the wall accusation after tropical storm Tomas ?

  2. Everything Kenny do burning y'll every fiber, Allen will never be half the pm he has been or will ever be, FYI he did congratulate Allen, but you so consume with hate and anger to realized that. You have no right to call him rubbish. The man has done nothing to y'll to deserve that treatment, but don't you worry he's days are over. I applaud him on a job well done. As the says goes be careful how you treat ppl on your way up(to all of I who thinks there's a better way) because you might just need them on your way down.

    • should have said that to kenny a long time agoooooo!

    • If you were more intelligent, with a little more than a pea-brain you would have some inkling about the damage that your "Massa" has done to other lame-brained idiots like you. Mercifully, smarter people are in the majority in Saint Lucia. There rest of you so, can lick your wounds and get your well-deserved depressions. Are you thinking of committing suicide as your escape route too, ignoramus?

  3. Pip should leave the politics alone.

    He cannot be a leader because all he sees himself as is a follower.

    After the 2006 elections, it was the same tune that Kenny caused the slp to lose back then.

    That was Pip's opportunity to step forward and make a bid for the leadership, alas he doesn't see himself as a leader.

    Pip, please take a very very long hick out of politics, your novelty has long gone.

    Bye, bye Philip, bye, bye Ray Charles, bye, bye Pip!

  4. It does not matter whether Dr Anthony won by a slime margin, the point is he won. I can understand with every article that is written, the media have to indicate by what margin he won. That has no corrolation to the matter being address. Maybe it is just me but I can't see the point. Just saying...

  5. You know Richard would accept. But not over Alva dead body as he referred to Mr. Allen Chastanet can never never be the Prime Minister of St. Lucia. Boom Boom right in Alva's face just like that. Mee le pwen!!! Alva ou twop Barvar.

  6. Tan toe tan toe

  7. They laugh at chastanet. Alva Baptiste say he will never be prime minister. They boast and say he will not win his seat. They say they have a secret weapon against him.
    Eh Bien mele. Chastanet win by over 1000 votes.
    Well Kenny nearly lost and win by 100 votes.
    Hilaire pli worse. Their future leader he win by 40 votes. En blag qui la.
    PIP himself had caca glo. Fortuna nearly burst his tail.
    Yes chastanet do it like a boss.

  8. philip pierre you not tired of acting in charge garson. you just acting acting but yet you are but a local star, never to make it bigtime. sad. but anyway you ready for them to forcefeed you Ernest. cause you will act until he comes it. and let me hear you express your disaproval. you wont cause you got no balls mehn

  9. Instead of a vampire bleeding red, you have a grey tie. You are in mourning too, son? They should be rolling out the red carpet. Is it time for the OSCARS?

    Or is it the O-scars and bandages for acting stupidly and taking head blows over the years? First you and the Hunter served up at the Coronation, the title. Now, like the hordes of STEP misfits, you are settling for the mere crumbs. Let us see whether you can even keep those crumbs and for how long.

  10. Pip hope you ready to fight hilaire and co...better yet just retire cuz you already spent 20+ years as deputy leader and will never be leader (kinda reminds me of odlum). just pack your bags and go sail into the sunset of oblivion.

  11. yes put Richard Fredrick as all u leader

  12. I believe alot of people are obsessed with kenny anthony and are in denial. You guys wanted him out now that he's out yall still dont know what to do.everything ft or you guys is kenny if something goes wrong in yall lives is kenny's fault. I guess if you suffer from asthma it's kenny fault too? Smh at joes comment.

    • Yes, if I had an asthma attack and call for ambulance and there was no oxygen and I died, that would have been his and the fault of anyone in charge.

  13. This man Pip really should be in Hollywood

  14. PIP after so many years up to now they cannot make u SLP Leader? maybe u should take a page from Kenny book and run away form that party. Your navel string not buried there.

  15. So Kenny has still not called Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to congratulate him on his electoral success. For Tony it has always been about his self aggrandizement and not the welfare of St. Lucia. A pity so many Labaaaar cannot understand.

    He has always had a yellow streak and cannot take the heat of his loss at the hands of the voters of St. Lucia. He has left the country in billions in debt and a Labour party reeking of animosity, arrogance, hatred and the view that the taxpayers of this country are their sweet honey pot to be raided incessantly.

    It was so ironic reading about Pierre talking about victimization. In my years in the SLP I heard many instances of victimization being expressed as the normal course of events and this at the highest echelons of the party. So wheel and come again hypocrite!

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Unfortunately as you hear their words and see their actions they have learnt nothing and are already going back to what they do best in opposition - creating roro and trouble and undermining the UWP government with any and all underhand tricks they can get away with.

  16. lol, put Richard Frederick as y'all leader


      TO ALL of u very educated, articulate well verse and learned U W P'S
      YES....WELL SAID !
      RICHARD IS A 1000000000000000000000 %%% st.lucian so no-big thing if he is SLP leader !!!!!!
      your massa allen is a french man born in Martinique. so???....no big deal in that 4 him 2 b your pm
      those who laugh.....laugh the best !!!!!!
      i truly want pip 2 step down as well i want all the 6 slps mp 2 resin give the u w pppppp the house 2 manage.
      after the 100 days in power i want all of lucians 2 celebrate ??????
      i care-less what u want 2 blog. all of u who was begging 4 jobs will sure get one.
      want better 4 the country will see it.
      no murder / rape / crimes 1000000000 % happy hour. bigger and sweeter richer peaceful st. lucia
      no repression / reprisal /TO SAY IT BETTER no bobol, no telling lies, no victimization no abuse of power, no aggression, no arrogance all will be perfect. because your massa allen ( god's sent ) will deliver as promise.


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