Pierre: ‘Teachers I stand with you’

Pierre: ‘Teachers I stand with you’

Facebook message by Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierrre on Monday,  Sept. 7 on the reopening of schools.

Back to school! Most of our nation’s children commence a new school term today under very abnormal and in many instances uncomfortable circumstances.

There is still an unwavering amount of uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic that they are still grappling to understand. We as parents, guardians, teachers, and the wider society must be a pillar of support to encourage them as they face the new normal.

Furthermore, I have firsthand knowledge of how challenging the job of a teacher can be. I saw it when my very mother was teaching and even during my short stint as a teacher. Teachers, rest assured, you are not alone in this journey because I stand with you.

Here’s to wishing everyone a successful and great term ahead! #BackToSchool #PuttingPeopleFirst


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