NewsPierre says COVID Doubts and Vaccination Delays Will Only Bring More Disease and Deaths!

St. Lucia News OnlineMay 25, 2022113944 min

Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says the most pressing national health crisis remains the COVID-19 pandemic and maintains that the Omicron and Delta variants, leading to a new (Fifth) wave, further confirms his deeply-held conviction that “The Scientific way to reduce the burden on health infrastructure and reduce death is by getting people vaccinated.”

Noting the Omicron experience has reconfirmed that the increased hospitalizations being recorded globally still involve mainly unvaccinated people, the PM reaffirmed that Saint Lucia “cannot afford the luxury of lockdowns anymore” as “children have lost too much school” and “businesses are closing.”

“We simply cannot afford another 2020 or 2021,” he said, adding that “Omicron is not just a normal wave,” but “a huge one that can easily overwhelm our health system.”

“While some countries are reporting that the Omicron variant is milder than previous waves,” he noted, their vaccination rates “have been two-and-three times ours…”

He noted, however, that “even if Omicron might be milder than Delta, it will still kill many” and pleaded with The Unvaccinated to “Please stop taking unnecessary risks with your life — and the lives of others.”

Prime Minister Pierre reassured that the “Government will take concrete action to complete and commission St. Jude Hospital”, which will involve “completion of the original structure”, which has been identified as “the quickest and most cost-effective option.”

But he insisted that Saint Lucians “can find little comfort in only one in four (25%) being vaccinated after nearly an entire year of vaccine availability on-island.”

He said COVID-19 vaccines “have been proven to be safe and effective” and “we no longer have the luxury of time.”

“Doubt, procrastination and delay,” he warned, “will only bring more disease and more death.”

Repeating his constant message to Unvaccinated Saint Lucians, Prime Minister Pierre urged that they “Go out and get vaccinated as a matter of urgency” because “every citizen has a personal responsibility to protect their lives — and the lives of others.”

“Every Saint Lucian who is not yet vaccinated should get vaccinated,” he said.

And offering himself as an example, the Prime Minister said: “I am fully vaccinated. I have received my booster shot. This is not a time to play games with your life!”

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  • Most honarable Lucian high grade

    January 12, 2022 at 7:48 am

    Bring the Cuban vaccines then people will get vaccinated against Corona faster Mr.Pm


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