Pierre said Chastanet’s 40-month globetrotting hasn’t benefited Saint Lucians

Pierre said Chastanet’s 40-month globetrotting hasn’t benefited Saint Lucians
Pierre (left) said PM Chastanet's trip have been mostly unproductive
Pierre (left) claims that PM Chastanet’s trips have been mostly unproductive

Leader of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Philip J. Pierre has again taken issue with the overseas trips of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, claiming that those “frequent flier miles” have yet to bear fruit for Saint Lucia.

Addressing the SLP’s open session of the Conference of Delegates on Sunday, Pierre said after 40 months of “globetrotting” Chastanet “has not negotiated one new bilateral agreement or opened up a single new market for Saint Lucian goods”.

“Our foreign policy is premised on frequent flier miles to London and Zurich,” Pierre said.

An SLP government will ensure that every overseas trip will be designed to build partnerships and benefit Saint Lucians, Pierre said.

“We will seek to create new trade deals and funding support with foreign countries. We will appoint experienced trade ambassadors to existing and new trading partner nations,” he said.

The prime minister, who is chairman of CARICOM and also served as chairman of the OECS, has constantly come under criticism for his trips overseas. However, he and his ministers have always defended those travels.

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Meanwhile, Pierre promised that an SLP government’s foreign policy will be more productive.

He said: “We will rebuild our international reputation by ensuring a foreign relations agenda that fits the reality of our time and based on the fundamental principles of mutual respect, strategic interest, non-interference in the internal affairs of countries and for the ultimate benefit for the people of Saint Lucia. We will work tirelessly to secure market access, technological exchange and support for human resource development. We recognize that whilst looking north to the developed countries of this hemisphere has resulted in tremendous support for Saint Lucia the time has come for us to expand south/south cooperation as a deliberate strategy to strengthening foreign and international relations. A Labour Party government will spare no effort to allocate resources, which would stimulate partnerships with net gains for our people.”


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  1. Chastanet will end up like Donald . they have done nothing wrong, because Lucians are blind fools. don't worry some of us are not dumb as you think. If we had a good system in place , you would end up in prison along with your corrupt police officers. speak out Lucians, you see something, say something. we must stand up for our rights. SLP you are not untouchable and will suffer the same fate.{WARNING }


  2. Has anyone examined how much the top dogs at the OECS travel....the PMs travel pales into comparison with these public blood suckers
    And it's your money these guys live it up on fancy foreign jaunts stuffing their already big bellies while the rasta starves...and nothing ever real comes of it...they can sleep on their laurels


  3. St. Lucia is not ready for a white man Prime Minister they will suck this country dry. you may be wondering why Kenny step aside.? Because his family and the castanet family are all the same. lawyers in the same office.We need our health care system in place now.


    • Vic.......You have a problem, no one is listening to you. We are not as stupid as you we are moving on to higher heights,better things take your sorry ass and move on NO more RED blood in St.Lucia we had enough thanks. Happy Saturday to to and yours.


  4. St. Lucian health care system is a laughing stock. and St. Lucian lives do not matter. so this is all the reason we need to hold the biggest demonstration this island has ever seen.Chastanet is an idiot and should be removed by force. { Demonstrate Now}


  5. Thats what you eill do if you get the job...travel..travel...and look gor excuses. Do you remember your excuse for Lorne travels to the people of his constitiency...He is the Minister or tourism......He has to look for work for St Lucian...

    Before Kenny appointed his carbinet in 2011.. He went to a meeting in T& T... Give me a break crooked politicians.


  6. If what this mad man is true then answer me this, why is it under the slp unemployment goes up and under the uwp unemployment it goes down if that's true why is it that St Lucia GDP goes down under the slp and under the uwp saint Lucia GDP goes up. I would like for pjp to answer me this


  7. mr pierre you need to stop ok...red was their the people was fed up...we move yourll....if we fed up again yellow going out...the sad thing is they don't have another colour to put in...so just stop with yourll bull shit none can stop the crime none.....try going to the polls without doing evil...yourll claim to be for the people truth is yourll not ...


  8. it maybe has not but it will in the future. the man is a business man, to make things happen you have to be a go getter and go get and go to various meetings.

    you just want the man to sit on top of his ass like yall does do and talk and then the ignorant saint lucians will repeat the same crap coming out of your mouth cause the dont know better.

    he is trying to acquire better things for saint lucia and that requires him to travel. the pm doesnt want bad for saint lucia and will always be for and about the country. because you vex is not you that travelling you have things to say about the PM


  9. I can't wait to VOTE OUT THE SLP AGAIN! this is a group of mischief-makers, who are content to rob and do all dirty tricks and not work at all while in office and fool the people they are doing something. We know that because we know people who work with them. so this aint no joke ting. these fellas just get arrogant in whatever role you place them in, hire their friends and fail to do nothing for the people. Under Chastanet every single place on the island now has internet access. The roads are being built. The communities are trying. You can see a vision for the place that has not been seen in a very long time. But SLP envious tactic is always destruction and lies, thats what those guys are known for. Their latest target is Guy Joseph. they have done endless sheet under cover and in broad day light that their leader never made them account for. this hypocrisy within the SLP should concern anyone. Fine if Joseph is guilty of those tricks, its only a matter of time before he is dealt with by the party. There was a well known one within that party that was successfully expelled already. So Guy better take note. the UWP execs will sacrifice those that get in the way of progress, this aint labour hiding shit and getting sick. I am voting UWP whenever they call elections. The SLP should not be trusted in position. we will deal with those that is seeking to bring disrepute to the government accordingly, those not doing their jobs properly will also need to be replaced. because unlike any other party we have a vision for this country.


  10. Well given we're getting record numbers of tourist arrivals that does sound like it's been befitting is


  11. You all globetrotting went on for years and what do we have to show for it? Nada, zip a yea Pierre woo say a bava. Please leave my Prime Minister alone,let him continue working his wonders to make my little St.Lucia the envy of the Caribbean. As for you your expiry date has come and gone you about spreading salmonella outbreak and we do not want it bye.


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