Pierre credits Royalton, improved foreign economies for ‘increased’ tourism arrivals, not Chastanet government’s policies

Pierre credits Royalton, improved foreign economies for ‘increased’ tourism arrivals, not Chastanet government’s policies
Pierre (right) said Royalton accounted for
Pierre (right) said Royalton (left) alone accounts for an increase of about 28,072 in arrivals to Saint Lucia.

(SNO) — Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre has said the opening of Royalton Hotel and the improvement in the economies of Saint Lucia’s tourism source markets, particularly the US, are the main reasons for the reported increase in tourism arrivals to the island — and not necessarily due to the policies of the Allen Chastanet-led government.

Pierre said Royalton Hotel increased Saint Lucia’s room stock by over 400 rooms and the Harbor Club by 100 rooms. Both hotels are located in Gros Islet, Royalton in Cap Estate and Harbor Club in Rodney Bay.

Royalton alone accounts for an increase of about 28,072 in arrivals, Pierre said, noting that the hotel’s own marketing arrangements contributed to its customer traffic.

“If the Royalton had not opened the growth would only be 2.5% for that year. The 28,000 additional arrivals is the direct result of the additional rooms. If we look at the 2015 reduction in arrivals we will notice that was the year we lost the Club Saint Lucia room stock,” Pierre said in his response to the 2019-2020 Appropriations Bill.

The 455-room Royalton, built on the location that previously housed Smugglers Cove, was officially opened in Saint Lucia in March 2017.

At the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet had thanked the Saint Lucia Labour Party government for bringing Royalton to Saint Lucia.

“I want to recognize Dr. Kenny Anthony and his government for taking the initiative to make this investment happen. When it comes to the issue of investment we must speak with one voice because ultimately this investment is to facilitate the brand Saint Lucia, which has to resound to the benefit of individual St. Lucians,” Chastanet said at the time.

Pierre further pointed out in his Bills response that arrivals for February 2019 decreased from all major source markets except the United Kingdom. He said the increase in UK arrivals was the direct result of the English cricket tour to the West Indies and matches played in Saint Lucia.

The opposition leader said the economic success of the tourism industry —  the main economic driver for the country — depends significantly on “external factors beyond our control for example, the state of the economies in our source markets”.

“Mr Speaker we note the increase in tourism arrivals and the prime minister’s claim that it is the result of his government policies. But what has been the government’s policy? The dissolution of the St. Lucia Tourist Board. A proposed village tourism initiative. The formation of a Tourism Advisory Council (TAC). None of these initiatives are new, except the Tourism Authority, which has not significantly changed tourism administration except for the dismissal of employees and officials perceived to be of a different political persuasion,” Pierre said.

He went on to say that the SLP is concerned with the distribution of the benefits from the tourism numbers revealed by the prime minister.

“Are the vendors and taxi drivers enjoying increased benefits? Are the arrival numbers reflected in the small-hotel sector? The government failed to continue development of the Nature Heritage Tourism Programme but instead chose what they call Village Tourism which after three years is still at the level of consultancy and proposed legislation. Another example of wasted opportunity Mr Speaker,” Pierre said.


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  1. Pip shut the hell up you are hurting yourself. There is a saying "even a fool when he keeps silent is considered wise". I used to think you might make it as a leader but I am turned off now go into private practice you'll be better off


  2. Pierre shut your trap you illiterate buffoon . Obviously the extra capacity would contribute to an increase in tourism arrivals which is precisely the initiative taken my Mr Chastenet’s administration. The redevelopment of HIA and other infrastructure projects island wide . Politics critics such as yourselves are a nuisance and frankly irrelevant to the Saint Lucians . UWP are keen to improve the lives of Lucians while you and your rejected government in the mean time moan and whinge so tell me do honestly Saint Lucians to listen to your crap .


  3. you idiots keep braying, man go and graze in the brown pastures(due to the dry season) of dried out leaves and grass. What in gods name has these politicians done to improve your life or the standard of living in St Lucia? tell me give me specifics, Ya'll just deh riding politicians tools like that pornstar ubaldy, and licking their @#%, how many times man have to tell ya'll party hacks and good for nothing cawk sucking creatures, we the general public that ya'll get rich schemes do nothing for are fed up, sick sick sick and rahtid tired of ya'll, leave ya'll bias-ness in ya'll mothers house, red yellow, flambo or labour dont do anything to make a difference in our lives for the better, filling ya'll foolish kaka and flow heads with more dog sheet and ya'll supporting them? tell me ya'll were born on all fools day man? uh, April 1st ya'll born? and what burning me is ya'll idiotic votes will determine my future, cuz when these thieves come into office is not one set of people who getting screwed. it should really be a case of you vote for red, red do their borbol then every body who vote for red will suffer, you vote for yellow yellow steal money then only the ones who vote for yellow will suffer , i want to see if the kaka wouldn't come out of ya'll head by force.


    • To be so ignorant and write all this garbage should be considered a crime against intelligent beings. The man was once the minister of tourism if anybody would knows stacks and figures as it pertains to the movement of St Lucia's tourism Industry he would know not your ignorant ass. In your arrogance you should always remember it's best to have two eyes watching the books not just one.


  4. The old geezer is at it again. Pierre you can huff you can puff you will NEVER bring the Prime Minister down, see he is working for us. When you all were in power you all work for your pockets family and friends,so take a 4ing hike no more SLP in St.Lucia especially under you Pierre, Kenny, Elva, Moses and the little girl in Castries central what's her name Hill-lea NEVER so bye Felicia.


  5. So Mr. Pierre, are we to assume that a new hotel automatically results in increased tourist arrivals. Further, let's assume for a moment that the SLP were in power and announcing increased tourist arrivals, would they be as "honest" in declaring that the increase was by no means a result of their policies or actions but we're simply a result of external factors?

    I recall when an increase in cruise ship passengers coming to our shores was announced last year, in similar fashion the numbers were dismissed as based on external factors and not any government initiatives. In fact the numbers were dismissed as regardless of the increase there was no increase in spending.

    My only wish is that politicians would stick to their benchmarks. Your tune shouldn't be changed based on whether you are in opposition or in government.


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  7. I am not a voter and don't like writing but this time I have to say something as a St. Lucian. I just don't understand why politicians have to act this way. My brother why don't you just stop talking you are now acting like Trump. When something is working no matter who is in power they will get the credit. So now step aside and let the party work ok


  8. well well what a load of dog shit Ass wipe u have No shame what's so ever .
    you and the rest are just a shame that this government is working.
    Never have there been such an aggressive tourism.campaign in the history of this country,
    By the way I should just ignore you and the naysayers.


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