Pierre responds to Fedee-Fevrier clash, advises minister to recuse himself from Sandals matters

Pierre responds to Fedee-Fevrier clash, advises minister to recuse himself from Sandals matters
From left: Pierre, Fedee and Fevrier.
From left: Pierre, Fedee and Fevrier.

Leader of the Opposition Philip J. Pierre has called upon Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee to recuse himself from any Cabinet decisions concerning his former employer, Sandals.

Reacting to yesterday’s exchange between Fedee – who is also responsible for the government’s information and broadcasting portfolios – and journalist Miguel Fevrier, Pierre said: “What concerns me is the seeming lack of transparency in that situation…. Dominic Fedee’s last job before he became a minister was as an employee of Sandals. Therefore, the prime minister should exercise the necessary judgement and advise Dominic Fedee to not only recuse himself, but try as far as possible not to make statements that seem to favour Sandals.”

In addition, Pierre highlighted what he considered to be a contrast between campaign promises of transparency and current practice.

“The government seems to be on a policy of suppression of free speech. You recall the Rehani Isidore issue, where the prime minister berated Mr. Isidore and certain things happened after. Then, you can recall the recent situation regarding Dr. Tennyson Joseph, where the prime minister openly called for his dismissal from an institution of higher learning”. [editor’s note: PM Allen Chastanet never explicitly opined that Dr. Joseph be fired, but rather expressed surprise that he was still “allowed” to teach students]

The opposition leader went on to link these past incidents with the testy back-and-forth between Fedee and Fevrier.

“Miguel Fevrier is exercising his right to ask questions. The simple thing for the minister to say was that there is no truth…. there a disposition of the government towards vindictiveness…and this is very worrisome.”

Pierre also questioned whether the minister’s past and recent statements disparaged market vendors.

“It’s the same Dominic Fedee who said that Jazz is not for the vendors in Marchand…so there is a tendency from the government to berate vendors and people from the lower income groups. The vendors were very necessary during the campaign…but right now vendor’s talk, to Dominic Fedee, is irrelevant and not worthy of discussion.”

Concluding by returning to the issue of recusal, Pierre also called for Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to recuse himself from any Cabinet decisions pertaining to Coco Palm Hotel, which is owned by the Chastanet family.


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  1. Pierre Hurriedly sent out this press release to beat out Hillaire, who controls the unstable communications wing of the Labour party. We need a press release how the hell you are going to keep your perch in the party when a decree has already been written to take you to the labour tower of london. You Mr. Pierre do not have long in politics. Dont make it that you wont survive in the private sector....the Chastanets never forget. How's that quarry doing?


  2. “Miguel Fevrier is exercising his right to ask questions". Doesn't Minister Fedee have the right not to answer especially if the question is 1. A rumor 2. Has already been dealt with all involved including the Manager of Sandals and 3. The journalist is being malicious. As implied by an american advocate for "Freedom of Speech" on the Race issue which has made new in the USA. Freedom of speech though in the constitution is not meant for us to deliberately make an jackass of ourselves under this right.


  3. Pip Pierre, as it is right now if a fowl pass in town and shit on the road you all will say its Chastanet's fowl.


  4. This is how stupid this leader of the opposition is. He made reference to three incidence where members of the govt had some form of altercation with 2 journalist and Tennyson Joseph. I will commend the editor by correcting Mr Pierre on the dismissal accusation. He is a liar. With regards to the incident with Mr. Isidore, history has shown that Mr. Isidore was indeed a liar. With reference to the latest incident involving Mr. Fedee and Mr. Fevrier (Sandals), It appears that this journalist does not read or listen to other local news. Or is he damn malicious. see link below.

    Wasn't that clear enough? Couldn't he get a copy of the concession if it existed? For sure Richard Frederick would have had it by now because a cabinet conclusion/concession is not a confidential or secret document. Again I would state that Mr. Phillip J Pierre has made a fool of himself.


  5. Look who's talking.......Pierre please you have morals of a sewer rat,oh dear how disturbing. Grant me a favor GO AWAY.


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