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Pierre laments removal of Distress Support Fund

By SNO Staff

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Pierre visiting the scene of the Rose Hill in Castries on Jan. 1, 2019. (Photos: SLP)

(SNO) – Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre has assured that when the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) returns to office, the Distress Support Fund which was budgeted annually for the purpose of helping fire victims, will be re-instituted and the annual allocation increased, according to a statement from the country’s main opposition party.

Pierre said the Fund, which was in the region of $500,000 yearly, was eliminated by the Allen Chastanet Administration “with no regard for the critical role that such a fund was intended to play during such events”.

He made the comments after he visited fire victims at Rose Hill on New Year’s Day.

“We have a responsibility to provide relief to the less fortunate people among us who do not have the means to provide property insurance to protect themselves from such disasters,” Pierre said.

In the statement, the SLP also expressed its “deepest sympathy” with families affected by the devastating fire which ravaged several homes in Rose Hill, Castries, in the early hours of New Year’s Day, Jan. 1, 2019.

According to the statement, Pierre, who is also SLP political leader and parliamentary representative for Castries East, visited the site of the fire, on the same day, to “view first-hand the damage suffered by the unfortunate residents of Rose Hill at a time of year when most people should be celebrating the start of a new year and looking forward with optimism to fulfilling some of their hopes and aspirations in the coming months”.

Pierre expressed “his sadness” that the Distress Support Fund which had been established by his party was removed by the present United Workers Party (UWP) government.

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  1. Wam There, you clearly don't know what you're talking about. So because the Labour Party got voted out, it means that their policies were all bad? Let's get real. There are a lot of reasons why people vote and I can bet you a lot of times it has nothing to do with policies. Now as for your story about being skeptical about "Funds" the Distress Fund was always accounted for in the Budget every year. So its not like any secret fund that nobody knows about. So I think you should take back your "under the radar" suggestion.

  2. Pierre would re-introduced all the policies that got them out of office. Doesn't that sound absurd? Or is it just a vision without any new ideas. It sounds like an old song that i know "IF given a chance i would do it all again."

  3. The problem is not whether there is a particular fund or not but whether victims of such events are helped or not. This thing about the way one party does things should be accepted by the other is ludicrous. Am am also very skeptical of political parties establishing "Funds" while in office. If the cause is so important why not legislate it? It is all these "under the radar" ad hoc "Funds" that leak out taxpayers monies without anyone having a clue where that money actually went to. NCA was good too until we discovered that the actual recipients were party people.


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