Pierre confirmed as SLP Leader

Pierre confirmed as SLP Leader
Philip J. Pierre

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Castries East Member of Parliament (MP), Philip J. Pierre, has been confirmed as the new leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

At a National Council Meeting held on Saturday, June 18, 2016, members confirmed Pierre’s elevation to the position of political leader, following the resignation of Dr. Kenny D. Anthony.

Pierre has also been chosen by the elected members of the opposition to serve as Leader of the Opposition.

During his address at the National Council Meeting, Pierre thanked members for their confidence in him and said he will work with all to give the direction and focus needed at this time.

He also paid special tribute to Dr. Anthony, who served as political Leader of the SLP for twenty years, from 1996-2016. He welcomed Dr. Anthony’s admission that he will be around to provide support and to function as is required in Parliament and his constituency in the current period.

Pierre previously served as first Deputy Political Leader of the SLP and has been the Parliamentary Representative for Castries East since May 23, 1997.


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  1. I cannot wait for October to witness the boxing match among Pip, Alva, Mousa and Hilaire. I hope the two referees are Jade Brown and Jadia. Kenny will be the third referee. I can already hear Pip telling Hilaire, 'Take the Line.' Ha, ha, ha


    • Kenny as third referee? He is gone with the wind. The man has made his announcement not to be associated with the party again. Why are we still expecting anything from him - we need to move on without him- sad but true?


  2. Pip I hope you learn your lesson and stop looking down at people. No one is better than the other regardless of your socio-economic status. Now you will learn to respect people. You need some good speech therapy. LOL.


  3. Image Chastanet became PM before you PIP LAMO. After all the names you all call him, he is now your PM lool. Little black boys never learn


  4. I was actually hoping to hear Alva being called to serve as leader of the opposition. The man is a BOSS


  5. Messieux. Finally Pierre make it. After so very long. It had to take Kenny to quit for pip to get a peep at the leadership. Lacking in ambition and backbone so that's why he was never taken seriously.

    Now SLP need a new chassi, engine and at least two new tyres. The red fade and they will need a respray. Even if a flash coat.

    SLP will need at least 11 new candidates and Pip is half and half but if he retire then is 12. They wasn't minding their business. Is Chastanet they were there macoing.


  6. You obviously do not follow the news, Ernest could not have been made the leader until the convention later in the year.


    • Are you Ernest himself? because only a pure retarded would come on SNO and say such a thing knowing full well that Ernest Hilaire is a huge part of the more than 99 PROBLEMS the SLP got now. are you insulting us Lucians to think that we would ever want a man of no character as our PM? If you drank the delusional drink go get a cure for that hangover. and dont come on SNO saying foolishness


      • what problems would that be? Maybe you have proof and can list them instead of speculating?


  7. If its on Kenny you all depending for support and advise that's a mistake. No persons outside you all gang wants to support a "new" leader that's taking his advise from Kenny Anthony. You all may as well put kenny back there as leader.

    The SLP still don't get it. The era of Kenny Anthony is over. People want something new. SLP might do itself of favour by bringing in a leader from outside the party. Otherwise Chastanet might as well stay there until he messed up.


  8. yow read the story ..wait for october .we all know is hilaire that will be the leader slp playing you all.


  9. They didn't give Ernest leader of the opposition? And I'm not even a fan of the man and I can see that is stupid. Ernest has the intellect and clarity of speech necessary for such a role. Y'all still playing games over there.


    • What !! Earnest with his "Bookey" accent ??? You've got to be kidding me!!! And what intellect ?? Pleaseeee ....


      • For all the degrees Hilaire has, I would never be able to tell by listening to him. The boy is book smart and that is all there is to Hilaire....intellect? Cotay ah! Have you seen his grammar and spelling on his face book page? He is a poor representation of the Universities he attended. The guy needs someone to proof read before he assaults us with his rubbish and he also needs a lesson in public speaking!


    • We follow our party's constitution. Our party is made of discipline and honorable people.


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