Picking up the ‘SLAC’

Picking  up the ‘SLAC’
From left: Chairman of the St. Lucia Aid Concert (SLAC) Kris Bac, SLAC Coordinator Jackie Cherebin-Weekes and Hubert Pierre, disaster coordinator for the St. Lucia Red Cross at Thursday's press briefing.
From left: Chairman of the St. Lucia Aid Concert (SLAC) Kris Bac, SLAC Coordinator Jackie Cherebin-Weekes and Hubert Pierre, disaster coordinator for the St. Lucia Red Cross at Thursday’s press briefing.

Get ready to be blown away by a fundraising concert to hit the stage on  Saturday, February 1 at Samaans Park in aid of the victims affected by the deadly Christmas Eve trough.

It seems that despite the fact that many people still need support, many who can assist are still unwilling to do so. That’s where one organization has decided to pick up the ‘SLAC’. The fundraising drive is slated to be one designed for not only music lovers but also lovers of the spoken word, and will be an event with a difference.

So says Coordinator of the concert, Jackie Cherebin-Weekes, at a media launch held at NTN Studios on Thursday morning to promote the St. Lucia Aid Concert (SLAC), being hosted in collaboration with the St. Lucia Red Cross Society.

The fundraising drive was a knee-jerk response to the devastation caused by the deadly trough, Chairman of SLAC, Kris Bac, who resides in Anse La Raye whenever he visits Saint Lucia, told the media.

Bac said he got the idea to put the concert together after witnessing the calamity caused by the heavy rains that battered the island last December.  Bac, who became a bit emotional recounting how badly the Anse La Raye area got hit by the trough, said he and some of his musician friends immediately got the idea to put on this benefit concert after witnessing for himself the destruction caused on that fateful day.

“The objective here is for everybody to pull together and to help raise as much funds as we can for the Red Cross to be able provide some relief because there is still a lot of people that need it,” Bac, himself a musician, said.

Cherebin-Weekes said some local musicians have already confirmed their participation to make the relief effort a successful one.

“The local musicians will be the driving force behind this concert. They have volunteered their time and talents to make this a fund-raising event (a worthy effort),” Weekes told the media.

She said the concert has gotten an endorsement from the government and SLAC’s co-partner,  the St. Lucia Red Cross.

The St. Lucia Red Cross, which from the get-go hit the ground running when it came to providing relief efforts to the victims, will be receiving all the proceeds from this benefit concert.

Hubert Pierre, disaster coordinator of the St. Lucia Red Cross, told the media that as a result of the loss experienced by many people island-wide due to the trough, the St. Lucia Red Cross has been providing relief supplies to affected people.

Pierre said, “I want to let everybody know that the Red Cross is in this for the long haul.”

Pierre went on to say that experience has taught him that people have a tendency to forget the plight of others after all the hype has died out. The concert, he added, should rekindle that need for support for the trough victims.

“No matter what ideology we might have concerning our musicians, we should applaud them for taking this initiative to become involved in giving of their time and talents to provide relief for the trough victims,” Pierre went on to say.

“We also admire and appreciate the efforts of our donors. This time the musicians with their skills and God-given talents will be our donors, and we respect that and we want to thank everyone involved,” Pierre said.

Tickets for the concert costs $20 each and the concert will be aired live.

A pledge centre is said to be up and running in time for the concert date so that Saint Lucians in the Diaspora can make their contributions to the worthy cause.


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