PHOTOS: “It’s overbearing” – thieves snatch tires and leaves car on concrete blocks

PHOTOS: “It’s overbearing” – thieves snatch tires and leaves car on concrete blocks

(SNO) – The accompanying photos, presented to our newsroom only yesterday (June 21, 2018), are of an incident which reportedly occurred about two weeks ago in Black Bay, Vieux Fort, but they are now being published to drive home the message that the local criminals will stop at nothing to satisfy their evil thirst for people’s property, while putting the public on notice to be very careful and reinforce the security of their property as much they can.

In this incident, the thieves apparently did not want the whole car, they needed only tires — all four of them — and left the vehicle perched on concrete blocks.

According to a neighbour to the victim, who wrote to us, there are houses on both sides of the road and no one heard a thing.

The owner awoke to find his car’s brand new tires missing.

“It’s very sad,” the neighbour said, adding that there appears to be a recent wave of burglaries, motor vehicle theft and break-ins in Vieux Fort, Laborie, and Choiseul.

“It’s just overbearing,” the neighbour added.

A policewoman’s vehicle was also stolen and scrapped recently (see picture below along with other pics from the stolen tires incident)


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  1. lol and people will say dont bring back operation restore confidence smdh .i say bring it back. look at the wave of theft one after the other no respect for peoples property in these communites. we need to put a calm on these germs they call criminals


  2. people working so hard to buy their stuff and these thieves think its jus alright to take whats not theirs. sometimes when we hear young ppl dying brutally we does wonder why and feel sorry. hmmm


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