PHOTOS: Fishing in Castries – is it safe?

PHOTOS: Fishing in Castries – is it safe?


PHOTOS: Fishing in Castries

These two men were pictured fishing at the Castries bridge.

Would you fish here?

A health official told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) “this is not a good idea” due to the pollution in the area from human and animal excretions, as well as industrial waste.

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  1. First to begin, these are ambitious people. How many of us try to catch fish on our spare time ? Secondly, the fish being sort is most likely for bait. Judging from the presence of an empty bucket and the plastic water container, they are trying to keep their bait alive for a bigger catch in the deep seas.


  2. I think this is more serious than you people realise. These people obviously have Money SO: Why don't they buy from the fish market, where the fish is PASSED Fresh and Clean? They have 2 Large containers, one White, the other Yellow; the yellow container is for the fish caught: but the white container does not look like the cover can come off (it looks like a chemical container) so what is it used for except to pour out what is in it into the water to take the air out and the fish then float to the surface DEAD. Are they going to sell the fish on to unsuspecting customers? CANCER causing fish served up on YOUR plate or Child's plate. WHAT is the Port Authority doing about it?.


  3. i'm thinking something illegal is happening here and if it was a couple "looshans" police would be on the scene and some other event.....
    these men are certainly shopping for free and going to make a living off of that catch to feed their family

    maybe a "pond" could be made of this area and fish could be bred for catch ..... not a bad business idea
    this would definitely have a few more "GOING LOCAL"....


  4. Couple Chinese that there yall ain seeing that,they've been on saint lucia for soo long the climate have them looking shabin,that's the fish for the , "fish and fries"


  5. You see again - making people business our own.

    From what I could see, these guys do not appear to be vagrants or poor individuals looking to catch their next meal.
    They are well dressed, and those fishing rods look expensive.
    Perhaps they were fishing there as part of an experiment!!
    We are always so quick to look at what other people are doing - choops.


  6. The better question is why don`t they fix this instead of allowing the water to run right into the sea ... you st lucians are a bunch of fools .... sad we can`t enjoy our once clean little island soon we wont have clean water to drink then i will wonder what will you guys do....


    • Or maybe Fish Chop Suey, you ehn see the size of the buckets, they looking for a big catch seems like thats a commercial operation the big fishing net and all even them fancy fishing rods



    • what is your problem lol the fellas fishing in the open view of public you talking about privacy if is that i guess everything that happens in castries is private now


      • smh for those of yall who didn't understand the point I was making was if you doing something in the open in the publics view meaning everyone can see you then how can what you are doing is private?


    • 888, if the fellas wanted privacy they wouldn't be fishing just right there,the fellas ain care with that


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