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PHOTOS: Christopher Hunte leads protest against DSH, dolphin projects

By Marius Modeste

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img_20170314_150509_edit-1A one-man demonstration at the Castries Waterfront this afternoon against the proposed multi-billion-dollar Desert Star Holdings (DSH) tourism development project in Vieux Fort, was short-lived.

That’s because lead protester Christopher Hunte was soon joined by several other persons, including athlete Arthur St. Juste.

Hunte, host of the television show Politically Incorrect, said he is making his voice heard against DSH as well as the proposed dolphin park project on Pigeon Island.

Several hours earlier, the main opposition St. Lucia Labour Party issued a notice of “mass demonstrations” against the DSH Project in its “current form”.

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  1. Christopher and Richard. Two jackasses. Power hungry. Ti ya chow zort la.

  2. Okinye my head could NEVER be in any white man's butt because i know where am from and knows exactly where I'm going. You rude and out of place and out of country to instruct me. Protecourheritage the last I checked that was not your heritage. By the way what does being nice or ugly has to do with a comment. It only endorses my earlier statement. In case you not aware Donald Trump travel ban was stopped for a second time.

  3. This too in time shall pass. Just like the construction of the Pigeon Island causeway. Many of you wouldn't know of all the opposing arguments from the "elite educated" in the late 1960's to early 1970's which surrounded the construction of the presently much enjoyed causeway. It's hotels, beaches, historical ambiance, tranquility etc are currently enjoyed by all. However there was opposition to the project pertaining to the effect that the constructed causeway might have on ocean currents along our shores, fishing and the marine life all along the West Coast, especially in the North West. What's the verdict now?

    Now Pigeon Point (previously Pigeon Island because it was surrounded by water - which many young people do not know) is probably the most enjoyed National Landmark, probably second only to the Sulphur Springs.

    So those of you who are really interested in the case against DSH try and get details of the scientific facts and predictions. Unlike 1969 most of us can now read.

  4. You all dont realise that what we witnessing is a political and social shift. The political game now cannot be won with maypwee, ro-ro and lies courtesy of the SLP gutter politics of the past. Now we the young people are telling you, u need to come better than that. We dont want to hear you call people names and give maypwee, we want a solid socio-economic plan that is going to move us and the rest of our country forward. and that plan has to be to our benefit. dont come with the same marjee that has done little for us in the past. otherwise we gonna not only vote you out but we making demands. the bobol that many of the politicians are part of is not only unacceptable but it is no longer tolerated by us young people. we need to see people take jail if they do crime, we have to see people pay a price for bobol no matter who they are. In other words we DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. that era of doing what u like because u in position is long gone. and that explains the dolphin park, DSH, jufalli resistance and all. we not taking anymore pappyshow no matter where it comes from! end of story!

  5. national trust is opposing to the dsh project in vieux Fort y didn't come forward when LE PARADIS was under construction,all of the endangered birds have vanished.

  6. The Grand Chessboard

    Above all, I am extremely elated that Saint Lucians are now embracing democracy and exercising their right to challenge governments. This movement is necessary to progress! The DSH and Dolphin projects may still go through but at least, those investors will know that we THE PEOPLE cannot be bought and our lands cannot be trampled upon.

    Therefore I commend you brother- sadly public servants cannot protest as per the Staff Orders (which is bull to me)! Otherwise "I woulda be in that big-time"

    Bravo to the movement!

    • The Grand Chessboard, I agree with you. However you are missing a point. That these same individuals must continue to protest no matter what political party is in government.

  7. The government land the hypocrites want to save in VFort are being purchased by the working class from Castries because most of us in Vfort are unemployed and cannot afford to buy these land. Men like Christophe who is an SLP surrogate, will be in a position to buy these lands under our nose because we have no jobs in VFort. VFORTIANS ARE BROKE AND CHRISTOPHE HUNTE WANTS US TO REMAIN BROKE.

  8. People protesting against dolphins beings trapped in St Lucia but will go to sea world and bathe with them. This is politically motivated. smh

    • What makes you think so. I am opposed to the dolphin park and would never take my children to Seaworld. Seaworld had been losing millions in revenue over the last couple of years precisely because of more and more people realizing how cruel this business is. Why would we want to sign on to a sinking business?

    • You a POOPHEAD in truth

  9. The people protesting DSH have every right to protest such a beautiful looking project. The reason being they have never protested for people living in swamps, cemeteries, rubbish dumps, on the streets, on the roadsides etc.., all of which are quite prevalent in St.Lucia. They can live with you living in these conditions but understandably (to me at least) they cannot fathom such a beautiful looking project.

    • That's true why not protest against living in "The Mange" without any facilities or social amenities?

    • I know many of you have not "captured" the sarcasm in the comments. The writer is actually using "satire" to make a case against those who are making a case against DSH.

  10. SO WHY WASNT THERE ANY PROTEST TO LE PARADIS, WHICH WAS HOME TO MANY ENDANGERED SPIECES including the frigate bird? Instead the same person who was in charge of the park (note that it was already a wildlife reserve) did the impact assessment and was paid a sum in excess of half a million. How do you explain that? Let the Vieux Fort people protest their own cause. There are many causes for protest against the SLP too as we still want to know about Roachamel, Grynberg and money spent on Owen King -EU and St. Judes not to mention Juffalli. In the US there would have been a congressional probe into the appointment of Juffali and the amount of influence involed in getting protection from our State. We still continue to treat people as experts and diplomats whether they are participants or engineers in the misappropriation of state assests, tell me who sold the Helenites Building and found oil at Dauphin. Whose idea was it to lease our seabed. We are not in control of our seabed, however we have people protesting over something which may never materialize.

  11. I have no comment but will give the Lord the Praise.

    Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, you want to be with me because I fed you, not because you understood the miraculous signs."
    – John 6: 26

  12. Christopher trying to make himself relevant?

  13. I think the argument is missing. If you should keep dolphin not in captivity then whats about FISH FARMING?

    • You can't compare the intellect of a dolphin and a small fish... totally different levels.

    • Hope none of the people who opposing/protesting the dolphin park holding fishes in captivity in a AQUARIUM with pet fishes in it in their living room.... is'nt this the same?
      About the location i think the same, not every tourist attraction have to be located in the north. There have many other places in the island waiting to get a piece out of the cake.

      • You can't compare Dolphins and aquarium fish. They are not the same. Read, do your research so you understand the difference. If after doing so you still believe they are the same then I guess you have a fish brain and shouldn't be commenting on the matter.

        • So the fact that a dolphins are mammals does that make them superior to other animals and in need of special protection? I guess you should stop eating polluted fish cause its affecting your brain.

          • The fact that Dolphins can be taught and trained to perform and interact with humans the way they do is an indication of the mental capacity of these complex creatures. I could continue with the many reasons why you can't compare"aquarium fish" and dolphins, even whales too but you know what someone will just have a stupid rebuttal so NO. Our beloved PM is fulfilling his father's dream so let's all just welcome the investment because so many jobs will be created. Thank you Masa!

        • OH? So dumber animals can be kept in captivity ? Those sad, dumb fishes !!

    • People in St. Lucia eating mashweh and balleh. What do you think those are? The fishermen would slaughter those dolphins in short order.

    • A Dolphin is not a fish. Learn facts before you comment.

  14. What happen to the law that says one cannot demonstrate in Castries. Check your laws, these three police officers should be send on leave with no pay. What Christopher and St.juste did or was doing at the time is illegal. They should have been arrested. Do you know illegal roaming you can be arrested. Sitting in constitution park is illegal.

  15. Twenty years later I want to know all those fighting against the DHA project I want them to be around when Lucians starting to staved. Will the so call animals put food on our table. That is the prize for development. St.juste is a long distance walker not marathoner.politics, politics, the SLP is the best party when in opposition, no opposition in the World can beat them. Right now they're number 1

    • Wondering if lucians checking them selves...........we are not saying no to DSH...WE ARE JUST SAYING NO TO THE CURRENT FORM...........the government signed this thing without negotiations.....they are lying so boldly too...what ever happen to the signed document being a shell agreement.,,,yet still works has already began.......we need to stop drinking and eating left overs..time and time again developers come here and bring in their own workers and tell me how are we to compete..........You guys need to sit and think about it..the opposition is standing with people who yes wants an investment...but want something in our benefit ....go read the agreement then come talk...stop living like our idiot ancestors educate yourselves

      • So what is wrong with the agreement? Where in the work will someone invest and do not get benefits/ Tell me what is the problem with the agreement.

        • 1. the master developer gets to say if and when this country has an objection, that our monies, for our passports is being withdrawn,....they get to say if its valid............damn a** will they ever say our objection valid.............that means they selling citizenship and we cant touch the money or say how its being used

          2. There is no place that says us st lucians getting any the passports they selling too and throw can be used to bring workers in..................where is the guarantee for jobs

          shall i continue?

    • Christopher Hunte (THINK FORWARD) please protest the abomination to our sovereignty that was the Grynberg deal. Since you are so correctly enraged can you protest the squandering of $100 million at St. Judges by your party comrades.

      • the difference in this matter is this....grynberg happened....the generation then didnt query it...didnt oppose what we suppose to bend over and let idiots f*** us flash we cant change the past idiot but we can change whats happening now....learn from the past so our children dont say what you ae saying right now 20 years down the line.....we are in charge of this country we only choose our leader its a cycle thats on going a slavery we put our selves in from bible guess what this government has to generation we not ignorant like you

  16. Very sad. Those who are unable to perceive the real difference, are very likely and unfortunately conflate and confuse these very separate issues dominating the purely environmental concerns involving dolphins and lizards, from the very developmental DSH project.

    Is Saint Lucia, with all these idle imposters and clowns facing another SLP circus? Remember they had to swallow their own 5% circus? Is there a new, or the same old ring master in charge?

  17. Funny he wasnt protesting when Kenny Anthony, Jimmy fletcher and his father Julian Hunte approved the dolphin park in belvedere. Smh. There's a petition against DSH but mainly People from outside of vieux fort and st.Lucia are signing the petition. Just goes to show the people of vieux fort have had enough of the crumbs from the politicians tables. Imagine the economic upturn this could spark in vf and st.Lucia by extension. Which one is more rare, the snakes on maria islet or gainful employment or opportunity for the people of vieux fort. Animals were displaced when the airstrip was built, when the army base was built when people built their houses in vf. The people of vieux fort have an opportunity to make a livelihood to send their kids to school to become the next doctors and scientists. The majority of vieux fort wants this. The people who are protesting how many of them are willing to invest in vieux fort, very few if any of them.

    • Do they even have the money?

    • hoping for the best

      And what jobs is this amazing project going to give people? Taxi drivers, toilet scrubbers? Then yes, you're right, it will surely turn the economy around!! Wake up fools! This project just happens to produce a few jobs , it wasn't even their main focus to start with, let's be honest here. Why but have these billionaires invest in the people instead? Create a strong workforce, encourage entrepreneurship? But no, you guys are clapping because a hotel will destroy the environment. Remember one thing: MAN CANNOT EAT MONEY.

      • Well try to eat the money uh and don't buy food, STUPID!!

      • @hoping for the best, if the only opportunities you can see in a venture likes this is opportunities for Taxi drivers, toilet scrubbers, you are the most unambitious, lazy, parasitic and visionless St. Lucian I have ever encountered, wake up there is no such thing as a free lunch, the world does not owe us anything, determination, perseverance, vision, foresight is needed to extract opportunities from events and situations like this. it's the same lazy attitude which has our young men walking the beaches hoping to meet a rich foreigner, and our young women waiting for a sugar daddy, it's 2017, see beyond handouts damn it! shape and craft your opportunities from instances like these. with the number of hotel rooms, its a bigger demand for farmers produce, it's more scope for employment for our brilliant minds, with a setting like this, it could be the setting for filming the next block buster, a break for young actors here. I hope your attitude is not contagious, gheeze...

    • False equivalency.

  18. You ppl are so small minded and cowards...DSH isn't going to affect your living so go ahead with it... They feed you all like fish.... Someone has to start it...ul ignorant like hell...and politics in everything... Flambeau more hungry now than ever... Study the ppl


  20. This is our country people. We cannot allow a prime minister or foreigners to dictate to us how we want to live. We must fight to retain our country if not to stay alive.

  21. You go Christopher. Doh mine dem. Lucians are just so ignorant. I wish i had the power to take all, fit them all in a single barrel. Seal it and damp it in The Land of No Return.

  22. A plus for Sandals Portfolio ? Governments need to understand the POWER of the new IT generation and to consult with the populace before getting too deeply into decisions that would affect us, our children, grandchildren and if possible also generations to come. Have more respect for the intelligence of our peoples , Governance by consensus is not always the best, but there cant be a callous approach either.

  23. Did the SLP March prevent the Rodney Bay development, Hess, The tunnel and pigeon island causeway.

  24. Hello! imprisonment of animals, and other types of fish, pigs, cows, chicken, are being killed for human consumption, they are also caged too.

  25. Crap we need to rally with Christopher....we need to strike and have the entire county shut down with riot ...but then again we are affraid...all we do is talk talk talk crap.....we finish personal view about all of thst is we really need to think of the hospitals, fire stations, schools, the youth, communities....they are the ones who need desperate help now.....not investing investing ....we need to stop and ponder for a while before we give visitors priority. We need to take care of ourself first....our country what makes us st Lucia.....and thst may will help calm down the issues we have in society today. The big bosses not saying anything but it will affect them and their children and grand children in the long run...their main concern is the big money for no work to buy acres of land, build hotels and apartments and out people are suffering ......look at the many they all cannot be booked for the season but yet they building more ...the when the season is down persons are being firedvand laid off....crap again idea is to make use of those factories thst are being wasted....out fruits in one and make preserves to export. Put sewing matching in one and sew to export, put coconut and make soap and oil to export...put craft in one and make to export..... We need to make good use of the monies thst we get into the country in order for us to havev bright future and increase the working population.....our persons are now skilled ..persons know how to sew, bake, tile, etc and they are jus there because there is no market for them.....put them in the factory and do mot underpay them.....I wish my tax money would go in this use.....we finish ....nuo fini ....start doing little kit hen gardens and rearing animals for the family to eat so we can survive the riot to come ...thank u

    • They want to build hotelsand tourism attraction.....meanwhile the Rape, robbery, killing, suicides on an upward spiral....yet they say nothing to the effect of securing our country....i wonder just how they going to get the tourists that slowly backing away from st lucia to fill these hotels....oh but wait a minute wasnt it this same Prime Minister who was talking about boosting Agriculture and now they are saying no farms around any proposed DSH vieux Fort Bonsejour the farming creeping in slowly but yall go need a license to plant stuff in yall own back yard soon

  26. @Facts....u didn't get the memo of past protest on crimes cause u had your nose too deep up the "white man's" behind. Now with that said take the initiative on the crime protest we shall follow indeed stupid. U must be ugly too. Lol

  27. Protectourheritage

    FACTS. That message was for you. Let us know when you organise your next protest against crime, because we must have missed it when you announced the last one.

  28. So let me get this straight: renewable energy project employing scores of lucians and decreasing electricity costs for many=bad, Dolphin circus employing a handful of lucians, blighting if not destroying an irreplaceable heritage gem and pissing off a great many animal loving tourists=good. Is that right, is that the thinking here ?

    • Unfortunately, when you have a population in which over half doesn't understand governance, taxes, the importance of cheap energy to economic development democracy becomes a joke. Just look at America. Trump won the elections using st.lucian politics. Google demagogue...

      We don't question on the how. Just say the right words or put some money in some people hands and the vote. They say some pretty words but can't back it up! I'm still pissed at the fact that the power company left. People talk about feeding their children and jobs and can't see that 25% of their electric bills going back into their hands as a good thing.

      And that isn't even taking into the account of the saving of oil imports...

      They have been brainwash so hard that they just fail to see how much of a danger DSH is. What they fail to see is that something WILL go wrong. Anyone who works on a project knows that hiccups happen, like underbudgeting for example. But we have no safety net.

      We can't even call DSH a handout as well are the ones paying for it. The govenment can piss in the face of our locals yet openly allow foreigners to walk on us. And tell me that I'm wrong! But give me reasons why! And not Jobs that we have no guarantees over!

      This is just too depressing to see how blind st.lucians can get when red and yellow are shown.

      Alas, I'm happy that a lone man stood up. Like it or not, that is what a leader must have. A will to stand up even if alone. A will to think on his own. A will that will flare even through the lack of expectations.

  29. St.lucia fall making leaders that alway come to get richer

  30. Protectourheritage

    Let us know when you organise your next protest against crime. Sorry we missed the last one.

  31. SLP LACKEYS ....LOL. they not getting the people money anymore SALOP

  32. Good going Christopher Hunte!!,

  33. Rubbish!!

  34. Seriously!! Why are you people so ignorant. Since when does protest reduce crime. Over the years there have been many walks against crime in St Lucia and the crime rate is still increasing. The last protest was only weeks ago after the double murders in La Clery. If your passion is against crime then why don't you do your part to fight it.

    Why don't you be bold like Christopher Hunte and hold a one man demonstration against crime. The imprisonment of those animals is just one issue. The desecration of Pigeon Island is another. The DSH project has major implication for St Lucia and you think people should sit by and let it happen. SMh.

  35. I never saw Christopher nor any of those who were in attendance at the Bay Gardens hotel town hall meeting at the fore front of any match or protest against crime in this country. If all that energy that we are seeing against DSH and Dolphin Park wold be chanel to protest against crime and rate in this country, I could assure you that the numbers would reduce significantly.

    Ask for the Dolphin park. All those concern citizens are saying is that the freedom of these animals are greater respected that the lives of those being killed every week through guns and knives. There are some in the mix who would prefer to spend every cent caring for a dolphin as oppose to help change the lives of our young black men. Such is life. And as for the opposition the politics is to glaring.


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