PHOTOS: Anti-violence vigil and march underway

PHOTOS: Anti-violence vigil and march underway

16009870_302480596815293_1499831550_o 16106529_302480593481960_2139424584_o 16111249_302483690148317_1696083916_n 16121680_302480600148626_56685455_oA vigil and march organised by the communities of Bois D’Inde and Jacmel is currently underway in Roseau.

The vigil’s theme is “Zero Tolerance for Crime: Put on Love”, in response to the recent triple homicide in Jacmel and other crimes in the community and its surroundings, organisers say.

The march is expected to end in Morne Ciseaux.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee are among the government officials in attendance.

Members of the public were asked to wear a white top/shirt and bring a candle.



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  1. What land, you are talking about we all die and leave all got dam land, house, money, we don't go with any earthly things dust we come from and dust we go back in. This island of mine have so much greed and dark minded peoples in it is unbelievable.
    Why would a 16 year old be involved in any thing else other than school work or a little sweetheart girlfriend. Those people who are doing these crimes are the same who have killed over and over and over again police detectives need to go back and reopened cases like the Oliver Colbert case the young lady whose car was found in the ocean and her body on a rock open you'll dam ass brains and eyes and solve these cases the writing is on the wall offices arrest her boyfriend and his cohorts, questions them again. So many murdering not one case is solved these bastards are the same ones doing all that killings on the island.


  2. Why is it always after the fact we want to go and match! Please! We need to be proactive and not reactive!


  3. Am in prayer for the land. Put on love, love cover a multiple of sins. May the peace of God rest upon the land.


  4. May the lord bring peace over land of st cover a multiple of sins. Put on love.Am in prayer for the land.


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