PHOTOS: Accident in Union

PHOTOS: Accident in Union

At 4:53 p.m. today, July 31, St. Lucia News Online (SNO) received reports that a car plunged into a river in Union, injuring one of the occupants of the vehicle. No further details were available.

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  1. Has it ever occurred to you guys that the more we make requests from central government the more taxes we will be asked to pay? Government eases revenue by either end tease taxes of loans, take your pick!!!


  2. My sincere regrets to those who lost family members in that area,and also to those who got hurt.Seem like A teachable moment for the authorities to look into some safe measures to at least prevent this from happening again.


  3. Loll!!!!!ppl so care less...move the person deh uh chopzzzz.Show more respect to dis person uh man.wehh...chopzzzzzz.feeling sorry for the family and ting check it....some ting coming again.hmmmm.


  4. AA Now u will hear all the idiots asking for speed bumps and crash barriers. Smh why don' t a serious look be done at the driving instructors? Also the drivers. So many people pass on the same road today and did not go down there so why did he or she go there. Smh, obviously is the persons ability to drive which should be questioned.


    • I dont know why you call people idiots, when you just proved that you are one. Did it ever occur to you that there are other reasons a vehicle could lose control other than reckless driving? Smh


  5. Barriers need to be put in that spot I lost my brother there one year 7 months ago and the ministry is right there the minister goes to work on a daily basis and uses this route something needs to be done


  6. I know this place, drive there often. The is no crash barrier. And its not just there. A lot of other areas need crash barriers to avoid loss of life. Hope no one was seriously hurt.


  7. My brother died on the first of december 2013 in that same spot ejem his bus plunged in the river and he drowned in the vehicle mmmmmmmm


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