PHOTOS: Accident in Praslin

PHOTOS: Accident in Praslin

This motor vehicle accident occurred in Praslin on Friday morning, June 29, 2018. No one was seriously injured, according to the source who submitted the photos.


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  1. Self praise is no praise !! You guys are the only ones praising your driving abilities everyone else can see clear Saint Lucians can't drive sorry to say, your island is infested with uneducated and reckless absolute detriment to cautious road users.


  2. Saint Lucian Drivers are the weakest in the Caribbean, butter fingers for real !! all over the island. I've been there I know.


    • You know nothing, one or two visits cant determine our drivers skills...wouldn't be surprise if you were the one making a situation ticklish and our drivers had no choice but to act accordingly, if you can drive in st.lucia, you can drive anywhere in the world.


      • Please, Give me a break, drive any where in the world you say? You guys don't obey traffic signs, speed any and everywhere even around corners, a stop sign means yield, mini bus drivers stop anywhere to drop off passengers I mean the list goes on and on... I DON'T KNOW WHO FOOL YOU...Failing to stop at a stop sign is a ticket in other parts of the world...

        Again like I said before: Saint Lucian Drivers are among the weakest in the Caribbean, if not the world !!


        • I reiterate my point, if youre able to drive here, you can drive anywhere....sorry you sound butt hurt by my comment. Stick to your roads where no accidents occur, we shall stay on ours... cheers


          • Me too I will reiterate my point Saint Lucian Drivers are the weakest in the Caribbean if not the world PERIOD!.


        • Have seen dumb drivers in UK and US. They are just senseless when driving. Ratio of driver accidents are high there. Look it up


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