PHOTOS: Accident at Desruisseaux

PHOTOS: Accident at Desruisseaux


A vehicular accident is reported to have occurred in Desruisseaux, Micoud early Sunday morning.

Reports are that a purple Nissan Almera crashed into a house at around 2:00 a.m.

Eyewitnesses said there were two occupants in the vehicle.

The passenger sustained a broken arm and injuries to his leg, while the driver suffered injuries to his chest.

Investigations are ongoing.




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  1. I was beginning to wonder where is the report of the accidents this weekend. I am still surprised there is not a fatality yet. Watching our instructors and our drivers I expect those accidents.


  2. He was obviously driving fast.Ive noticed that most drivers in St.Lucia think they're NASCAR drivers on these tiny windy roads.Their friends even applaud them for doing potentially risky stunts on our roads,talking about "yea mun when I Back down in 3rd I take de corner hard" with their foolish friends looking up to them like they're some type of driving God...Why drive so fast? Who are you trying to impress?Bunch of freaking idiots....& that goes for some bus drivers too.


    • Why would a vehicle sustain such damage if it was not In an Incline which i know personally it was not.had to be speeding so stop denying the fact


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