PHOTO UPDATE: Double homicide victims identified

PHOTO UPDATE: Double homicide victims identified
Double homicide victims: Shane Augustin
Double homicide victims: David Khodra (left) and Shane Augustin.

The victims of Saturday’s double homicide in La Clery, Castries have been identified as David Khodra, 28, and Shane Augustin, 21.

The men were reportedly on a motorcycle when shots were fired at them from a car minutes after 2 a.m.

Initial reports to the authorities indicated that the incident was a motor vehicle accident. However, when the police arrived on the scene, the men were seen suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

They were pronounced dead at Victoria Hospital.

It is alleged that the duo were seen partying earlier in the Gros Islet area when they noticed a car making rounds. As a result, they left on the motorcycle.

However, it is further alleged that the said car began to chase them and when they got to La Clery, the occupants of the car opened fire at them.

St. Lucia’s homicide figure for the year is now 37.


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  1. Considering that both victims are deceased, so where did the proliferation of evidence come from. I mean we have evidence being adduced from as early as Gros Islet, leading to a crime scene all in La Clery. So who the hell thought that it was an accident scene, the "authorities?" The report is confusing since it does not make a distinction between witnesses at the alleged "accident" scene and those at Gros Islet who already knew that a car chase was on.

    Did the "authorities" already know that a car chase was on? This is significant since it would identify whether somebody had prior knowledge that the guys were being followed. I know that it is difficult to give accounts of crime, however if details can't be given or are sensitive then it should not be divulged to the public in such a manner.


  2. St. Lucia, we are becoming one of those dangerous islands in the Caribbean to visit, and even live if we do not start nipping this gunslingers and useless crime in the bud.


  3. You would think the Hermangild an ex cop with years of experience and insights into the crime world would be able to articulate a plan to mitigate crime. Instead, he has chosen to hide in the hope that his ineptness will go unnoticed.

    Chastenet on the other hand is a poor leader [lack of a better word]. His decisions appear to not only be unsound but he has a lot of deadweight that he is incapable or afraid of getting rid of.....Makes you wonder who is really pere.....


  4. what killing has to do with politicians....its people settling their deals. It will never stopGivernemr come government or white...same thing.get up and smell the coffe St.Lucia. The writing has been on the wall from Februay 22, 1979.


  5. This island is overpopulated with uneducated fools. The only things they can do for a living are to sell drugs and kill one another to make money.

    I don't have to be told. Motorcycles and that wardrobe? That is death army on two wheels. Ever since we adopted that jackass drug subculture we were doomed. The chickens are coming home to roost.

    Two less pieces of #$$#@% to have to deal with. Return if possible.


  6. Nothng can stop de fellars from taking der revenge not Kenny chastanet pastor whoever decon Charles arch Bishop . commissioner no body you do you pay


  7. It's always those caliber of men that are being gunned down. Am so happy I don't associate myself with those men who dress and look like thugs, riding bikes, hang on the block, smoking weed, tattoos, big chains, sagging pants, unemployed etc. Am not surprised or moved by their deaths. Less of them troublemakers in the island the better.


    • Crystal you sound like a yeer-di-tou....are you aware that some lawyers,doctors,judges even policemen smoke also sound like the stupid type that bus driver ka teway chilot,s has also become a trend....that it can be seen on persons from any/every walk of life.


      • I agree its not ganja making people do what they do but it is the culture of criminality that influences them. Ganja cannot make people act wrongly, criminals educate idlers and soft targets into a life of crime. Unless we can find some alternative means to harness the energies of our youth then they will continue to graduate from Crime Community College (CCC).


  8. How many more must die before something is done? I guess when a politicians child is murdered then something will be done. You need to go after the men bringing the fire arms into Lucia, they are the ones who are responsible for this. Bring in martial law and hanging, it will curve the crime rate. What happens to the days when real men settled the score with fists?


  9. "It is alleged that the duo were seen partying earlier in the Gros Islet area when they noticed a car making rounds. As a result, they left on the motorcycle. However, it is further alleged that the said car began to chase them ..." If you think you are being followed, the safest thing to do is to ride (or drive) to the nearest police station and report your suspicions! If you continue riding away to a village or ghetto with assailants following you, it's only a matter of time before they will corner you and gun you down! Bad decision, dudes! A ride to the nearest police station (Rodney Bay or Gros Islet) would have been your best bet! Also, for the safety of citizens, residents and visitors to Saint Lucia, it's about time the Government establish a police post somewhere on the highway between Boise d'Orange and Choc roundabout.


    • So all that evidence was adduced. Then who is the source of that evidence considering that both victims are deceased?


  10. Um do majority of these victims in past years when it comes to gun violence have the same Hair stylist,jeweller & shop at the same clothing store?...Not judging but they all seem to dress the same,where it's hard to tell who's who.Same type of gold link chain,same Lacoste bag some even wear the same kind of shoes.It's as if it's the "gang gang" dress code.May they Rest peacefully.


    • This is so true check all the Caribbean islands the killers and the victims have the same wardrobe and hairstylist like these two pictured. Very sad and ignorant what black youth doing to each other.


    • According to your predicament it is a must death sentence once you purchase or owned a lacoste pouch.i see somany young girls following the same very careful what u wish because this is the role modeling trend for st.lucia,s youths....sad state of affair.


    • A curfew on who or what? Are we in a state of emergency? You people repeat many things which you hear and do not even understand the meaning. It is true that the internet has not given people knowledge but instead has greatly exposed their ignorance.


  11. Yessss boyy url get it..I was jus waitin to hear that woooooo.url do ppl to much ting.the rest is next. #allrope hasend


  12. 26 people like the fact,that two men were gun down on a motorcycle.Wow Wow St.lucia you'll immune to murder.Two lives were taken i don't know if it is just for fun,or these killers knew the young men,but you'll happy they are dead.Every day is Armageddon in St.lucia.Mercy,Mercy me.Times change i remember when La Clery was awesome,we use to sit on the hill by the church all 4:00 in the morning and bullshit now is Armageddon.These new kids on the block,my my my.


    • Stfu wat young kids they didn't kno we would of come bk..... They shot too of my brothers nutting for dt.... And d last 1 we coming for yu


  13. "Has Kenny Anthony Made Saint Lucia Safe Again?. He didn't but we will. Has Kenny Anthony made Saint Lucia Safe Again.. He didn't BUT I WILL". Allen Chastenet these were your words. Could you please articulate how your administration intend to achieve this mandate?


  14. Ohhhhhh, sad, why does anyone think that they can take the law in their hand and murder people. I don't know these indivIduals, i don't know what they did, but no ond deserves to die like that..............................PRAYERS TO YOUR FAMILY AND LOVE ONES........MY CONDOLENCES......


  15. St.Lucia has a very serious problem and it's getting out of hand. Put all politics aside and we all must help save our beautiful Helen of the west. The gun laws need to strengthen and I mean any one found with an illegal firearm should get no bail mandatory prison sentence for 5 years with hard labor. Make these people clean the streets in the city and villages. Those who give the police information on any suspect with illigal guns will get paid. That money will help them and goes right back in the economy. Look we need to do something. The police needs to go out and drain these swamps where those criminals habitat and drain these swamps of illigal guns and drugs. Please do something. St.Lucia belongs to all Lucian not just these low life dope dealers and criminal Gangs.


  16. 37 HOMICIDES and counting. It is not enough that the Allen Chastenet led government is CLUELESS on how to deal with the issue of CRIME To add insult to injury this bunch of incompetents agreed to aide the BVI by housing PRISONERS....Allen I am convinced that you are afflicted with some kind of PSYCHOSIS because no one of sound mind would take such a decision.

    #FlambeauKaTwavai #AllenWhatIsWrongWithYou?


    • Can you all listen to the statements you all give,everything is Allen or Kenny fault.Are they the ones who send you all to commit crimes.Some of these victims like to owe people, and fluss in the streets like they own everything ,want to be wrong and strong,well who feels it knows it