PHOTO OF THE DAY: Saving a life

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Saving a life

A few years ago I saved this beautiful hatch-ling. It was crossing in the vicinity of the George F.L. Charles Airport area. Careful driver that I am, I spied it from a distance, I stopped and brought it back to the sea. – Anselma Aimable

Photographers – novice, amateur or professional – in Saint Lucia are asked to submit photos, photographer credit and caption to [email protected] for consideration for the Photo of the Day feature, daily on and our Facebook page.

Submissions will be published in the order they were received. Photos must be taken of St. Lucians and things St. Lucian. 

Note that submissions advertising any form of business or business activity will not be published.  St. Lucia News Online also encourages the submission of a variety of photos, ranging from nature shots, people shots, weird shots, interesting human interest shots, and anything ‘newsy.’ 

Photographs submitted should be the property of the contributor or where this is not the case, the contributor should obtain the permission of the owner before submitting the photograph. 




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  1. You are such a wonderful, caring, intelligent person. What a beauty seeing that creature heading back to where it came from.Keep up the good work.


  2. Great job. Well done. I wonder how many would have done similarly. Give yourself a big pat on the back. I'd like to think that he or she is alive, well and swimming happily in our waters, still giving thanks to the lady who saved him or her a few years ago.


  3. Very Nice! Looks like a Hawksbill turtle hatchling.
    Great job. Did you know that only 1 in 1000 marine turtle eggs survive to become an adult?


  4. and as you put it back in the sea something ate it oh the irony lol but seriously on a serious note thats a good thing you did


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