PHOTO OF THE DAY: Horse talk

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Horse talk

Black and white horses having a neigh (convo) at Pigeon Point.

Photo by C. N. Flavien

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  1. brown horse: up to this day still can't lucians voted slp again
    shabin horse: ikr, you heard the mansion kenny anthony building with his wife in trinidad almost finish
    brown horse: hehehehe i running for election next time around i need some of that tax payers money.
    shabin horse: uwp not any better that nelson fella that was in charge of castries city council, buy five buildings in town, used ccc electricity to power meats and more in the market and he build that big ass house in vigie, how u doing that on a ccc salary when they paying the ordinary cleaner on the street $400.00 a month.
    brown horse: they still paying the cleaners 400 a month but the n.i.c.e contractors get 9000 a month to do that and one person getting more than one contract.
    shabin horse: lets just shut up and eat our grass, lucians get ridden by their leaders more than we do


  2. They're just talking horse-politics...wondering WTF is wrong with these humans ruining the country. They're also wondering why humans are destroying all the 'good grass,' the grass/herb they eat when they feel a bit depressed given all the bullshit that's around.


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