PHOTO: Man stuck in city drain

By SNO Staff

17409744_336260393437313_378283005_nA man was injured when he got stuck in a drain on Jeremie Street, Castries after 5:30 p.m. today.

A crowd gathered as several persons tried to release the swollen leg of 39-year-old Agard resident, Michael Jn Baptiste, from the grill.

Emergency officials – fire, police and ambulance personnel – eventually showed up to assist him.

A police source said Jn Baptiste sustained a laceration to his right leg, “the outer part of the leg below the kneee”.

Several persons at the scene were overheard saying he should file legal action against the City Council and the government for compensation.

“Last week a lady leg went in that… now look a man,” a witness told St. Lucia News Online.

Another witness said: “…. The (men’s) foot get big in like a minute. The way the leg swell it was over the grill. That amaze me, I couldn’t believe that. The way the man leg go down in the grill. Awa, eh, I feel so sorry for him, my heart hurt me.”


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  1. Sue the City's backside coming and going. People's safety matters. Sue the City. Make it pay for its negligence. If gainfully employed, the man may be incapacitated for life.

    A tourist would be compensated similarly. This is too much slackness for a tourist destination. I don't know of many or any good injury lawyers in the country. It might just be the right time for a good one to emerge from the battery of idle hungry lawyers robbing people to really earn their keep.

  2. I was standing right next to this guy when that happened... all he was doing is waiting to cross the street and somehow his leg slipped in that that tiny opening in the grill.....And can u believe that people stood across the rd laughing, until they realised he couldnt move....then some rushed over to help.
    I swore i heard this guys leg snap. I left cause i couldn't stand there and watch him in that kind of pain.
    Yes he should sue cause these grills and slabs of concrete that are unsafe in the city should be properly maintained.

    I passed there again after the guy was removed and they covered it with a piece of plywood..I wonder how long it will stay that way.

  3. the thing that hurts me is they wait until something really bad happens before they do something to fix the situation.

  4. meanwhile our ministers are concerned about having proper restaurants in castries

  5. Hope u get better sir

  6. The entire City of Castries needs to be repaired.

  7. The Mayor of Castries is bragging about how much money they have save but he is not seeing the danger around him.

  8. The mayor is bragging about how much money they have save, but he is not seeing the danger around him.

  9. Smh, too bad it'll never happen to me. I always watch my step. So if a man trips on a pavement, can he blame it on the person that made it?

  10. He should take the city council to court. Its time they fix this thing


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