PHOTO: Hard work and determination pays off for Krishna Herman

PHOTO: Hard work and determination pays off for Krishna Herman

19244466_10154782430634786_988655786_n-2Krishna Herman from Desruisseaux, Micoud graduated from George Brown College in Toronto, Canada on June 15, 2017 with a medical certificate in nursing. Her success has proven​ that there is hope for a lot of young women like her who face and have faced many struggles. Her success also proves that life can be a long journey of struggles, but once you choose the road of determination and perseverance, you can attain any goal you aim for. (press release)


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  1. Congrats to all Women making a difference and working to get ahead. St. Lucians stop with the negatives, we need to lift each other up life is rough out there.
    Proud Lucian living in Florida.


    • People murder people all the time in st lucia and it does make the news all the time!!You see the thing with some of us lucians is that if it aint bad news or people's business,we are not interested.Wouldnt you much prefer to be hearing thing sort of positive vibe rather than horrible crime and corruption?Il give you time to have a long hard think about you..


    • I'm wondering whether you ask the same question when they report on homicides all the time?
      But it's not our fault , that's how we're programmed...

      Anyway, great job Ms Herman! God alone knows what struggles you've been through.


  2. one thing when they are a nobody no on knows them and does anything for them especially if they have determination and a dream but just have not reached the ladder yet. but as soon as they do good yall quick to stand by their side and say they are st lucian or have st lucian heritage and most times yall did nothing for them and when they get their accomplishments thats when yall want to come. thats why when you see they get their big jobs is not in here st lucia they will want to come back and stay and work is overseas to make big money. keep up the good work my girl congrats


  3. Whoever you are that put that red thumb down, there's some jealousy surrounding you cause whatever the story says it's the truth "Hard work and Determination pays off


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