UPDATE: Driver escapes unhurt as vehicle topples on highway

UPDATE: Driver escapes unhurt as vehicle topples on highway


A man escaped serious injury after his Nissan Frontier Navara he was driving overturned just outside the Nagico Insurance building located on the John Compton Highway.

The incident happened sometime after 4.p.m. Friday causing a heavy build up of traffic.

Reports are the vehicle came into contact with a concrete median, removing a portion of it.

Police arrived minutes later to conduct their investigations.


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  1. When will the public decided um um um. This road is too narrow and doesn't meet any world standard. There's too many accidents on this road.
    So we will continue to crash on it. Maybe we will start to send the bill to the minister of transportation for the accidents.


  2. This highway was poorly designed in the first place, the median needs to be removed, take a look at the old US airport/ highway, no accidents, no problems, none.


    • Yes I agree it is a poorly designed road but my question to you is. If you are driving on a stretch of road, say at approximately 60 MPH, suddenly you hit a bad patch with potholes, will you continue driving at that same speed?


      • No, if I have been driving the same road for a while, then I would have an idea of where every pot hole is on that particular road. Otherwise, if I am new to that particular stretch I would not go as fast but I would try to get acquainted with the road first and foremost.


  3. in my view these medians are more of a hindrance rather than an aid to traffic. lanes much to narrow to accommodate these medians. these roads need widening. PLEASE!!!


    • If that much damage can be done with the median, can you imagine what could have happened without it. Those drivers a just morons, slow down. Some of them think that the horn is the brake.


    • Retard...shut up...the medians doing their job..to prevent head on collisions...it in wasnt dere dat trash navara would hit someone coming in the opposite direction


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