PHOTO: Accident in La Clery

By SNO Staff

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This SUV (K3801) crashed into a wall in La Clery, Castries at about 1:05 p.m. on Saturday, April 11. The driver was not hurt. According to an eyewitness: “[He] just drove out the car wash when he lost control.”

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  1. what he just drove out the car wash and lost control smh that is very fishy if i am correct nothing strange some stupid person who do not know how to wash cars maybe unintentionally pass what we call armour all on the grips of the tires while shining it and maybe some was also on the drivers pedals, its their habit of using the same sponge they use to shine the tire and if the pedals dirty rather than take a cloth they using the same thing that sliding to clean ur pedals now how dumb is that even ur side steps they putting armour all on when you step on it all under ur shoes getting some of that slippery substance and ur foot sliding off the breaks or gas

  2. Thank god for his protection

  3. Thank god for protecting u

  4. thank god you not hurt


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