Philip J. Pierre slams Mayers, Chastanet

By SNO Staff

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Philip J. Pierre

Philip J. Pierre

Deputy Prime Minister, Philip J. Pierre, had a large crowd of supporters of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) in loud cheers on Sunday, when he lashed out at several opposition members.

The Castries East MP told the gathering who came out to witness the launch of Dennery South candidate, Jerome Gedeon, in Dennery, that the last five years of the UWP government was the worst.

Pierre took a swipe at former National Security Minister Guy Mayers, who recently announced that the United Workers Party (UWP) will initiate an independent tribunal to deal with the IMPACS case.

The SLP stalwart reminded supporters that it was UWP while in government that commenced Operation Restore Confidence, which resulted in the alleged extra judicial killings of 12 criminal suspects.

Pierre said that Guy Mayers was Minister who gave the instruction for Operation Restore Confidence, and now the ruling party is trying to clean up the mess created by the UWP administration.

“Guy Mayers can jump high, Guy Mayers can jump low, he will never be a Minister of government in Saint Lucia, so he has to stay with his lies and hatred,” he told the gathering.

The Deputy Minister’s criticism of members of the opposition did not stop there. Pierre turned to Leader of the UWP Allen Chastanet, stating that the opposition political leader is fixed on “using people.”

He said Chastanet opted to run for the Micoud South seat to get into government, but noted that the the UWP leader does not know anything about that specific constituency.

Pierre claims that he was informed that Chastanet plans to switch to Micoud North and place the incumbent MP Dr. Gale Rigobert somewhere else, because he is convinced he can’t win the Micoud South seat.

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  1. Can't believe that Piere is such an idiot, imagine he is our acting Prime Minister. gosh brainless people leading this country and we wonder why the country is in such an economic tailspin? If you think that Allan will loose the seat why discuss this. The IMPACS report created by Labour game home to bite their tail....

  2. The SLP will go so low to attack people on their height and size, race, color
    ! Finances andbnow place of birth. Dont worry they are good at that. The people o Saint Lucia Are not as foolish as they are. The people arevwaiting patiently until Kenny finds the bell where he left it. Someone will have to remind him, as always

  3. He is like a puppy on a string

  4. "Bambi" the fact that there was such a big crowd at Dennery just reflects the gravity of our illteracy problem. All the people on this post are literate, ask how many of them were at Dennery. I am sure you were nit there either!

  5. PIP you never had class and you will never have class. You have always been labeled the JAMET in the party. You remember you utterance about Romanus Lansiquot on the market steps after the 1997 elections? JAMET.

  6. It is also incorrect to say that Chastanet knows nothing about Micoud South or any constituency for that matter. Where do they buy their goods? from Martinique? Does Phillip Pierre own any TI BOUTIQUE in any of the Constituencies? Allan does not even want to engage Pierre on that level.

  7. Matter of fact St. Lucians have not seen any communique from the US State Department about unlawful killing which were only due to operation Restore confidence. We know that the US is not happy with our record on Human Rights especially when it concerns killings by the police. As many killings also occurred during the reign of the SLP e.g Beck, Mandy Louisy and Chaka Dan etc.. The fact that they were ignored by the US was because no official reported the matter. In this case it was Kenny Anthony who broadcasted the matter and allerted the US all in an effort to score cheap political points.

    It is also interesting to note that while the Coroner returned a verdict of Death by Unlawful Killing in the Chaka Dan matter we have yet to see any prosecution in the matter. You think that the US is not taking note of such happenings. Does Kenny think that some of us are fools?

    He comes and talks about IMPACS was created by UWP. It was not. Matter of fact it was Kenny's baby, manufactured and manipulated by him to produced a desired result. He thought that it would be just another political gimmick, however the US held him by his word and now he is required to prove whether his allegations are facts or just part of his normally fabricated garbage.

    There is no denying that unlawful killings can occur in any country, however our record in the dispensation of justice is appalling not to mention if the subject is brought into focus by an official in the name of Her Majesty's Leader of the Opposition and Honorable Member of Parliament.

    Who are stupid are stupid, some play stupid but not all of us are stupid and will to play your stupid games. Our lives and livelihoods are at stake. To make us look even dumber you are on a campaign trail against Chastanet Family saying that they will run St. Lucia if Chastanet wins!! How ludicrous!!! Matter of fact Chastanet family have been running St. Lucia for years. In fact Kenny never dismissed the rumor that during his administration that things were so bad it took Chastanet to pay Public Servants. Chastanet have provided job for thousands of St. Lucians with his own money. How may has KENNY provided WITH HIS OWN MONEY?????

    Why don't you Kenny & Pierre in your campaign tell us how you will take care of the stupid IMPACS Report, the Juffalii Affair, Lambirds Affair???? Open the New hospital and St. Judes???? Fix the damn Justice system and remove all these juveniles at Bordeaise, Fix Massade and Upton Girls and take care of our youth needs concerning Justice and unemployment. How are you going to fix this economy and return to growth and most of all.

  8. Gutter Politics at it worst!

  9. Pierre u did your time already now it's time to give someone a chance....u think Castries east belongs to u? It's time that we vote this government out... We're fedup of allyuh

  10. Shut up Pierre Ray Charles, can't you see Kenny don't want and trust you to be the next Prime Minister, Doc la ready to give a fresh blood the position instead. Continue to give maypwee Blar Blar, Say Allen nou vlay..

  11. Pierre in SLP over 20 years and he cannot reach leadership status up to now. Hilaire come in yesterday and he will be leader before Pierre. SLP have no confidence in him. That is what Pierre should be minding and not Allen Chastanet who has run three times and won his leadership bids on each occasion

  12. Lol the people of micoud south know nothing about Mr. Chastenet. Will they elect this fresh blood? Who knows. Personally I wouldve voted for one more closely tied to my constituency. If he wins I hope he makes a genuine effort in Micoud south and make thier votes count.

    As for Mr. J. pierre can you please tell us you plan for the country instead of throwing words. I swear everyday I become more and more convinced that Donald Trump learned his politics from st. Lucia. Give no solid strategic plan just insult you opponents.

    • St Lucia is only 238 sq miles, what happens in any district that is not known. The issues faced by Micoud is similar to all districts...unemployment, poverty, bad roads, supply for the agricultural goods, greater support for farmers, opportunity for the youth, proper transport system...come on people. Our system should be one where the leader is voted and he/she appoints representatives. In actual fact we should reduce on the number of representatives...

  13. Yet another political dinosaur, just giving it mouth, but with no ideas how to make this country a prosperous nation. What is this dinosaur really good at? Talking the usual rum-shop beer-bottle aby babble and bilge.

    Saint Lucia today does not need people who think that you have to be born in a constituency to take care of the needs and the people of that constituency. It has only the population of the City of Manchester England. That is how big the population is.

    Such medieval and Stone Age thinking belongs to the period when it used to take us four days by donkey cart, and a full four hours by bus, from Castries to Vieux Fort.

    Mr Pierre lives and his politics belongs to the dark ages. Come on! Get on with it already. Get over it!

    24/7 any smart representative today can carry the entire constituency and all the names and issues of that area, at once on on her/his cell phone, his iPad, or on his laptop, not forgetting his desktop computer. Wake up!

    Get with the programme! Is the goodly minister aware that we are in the 21st century already? Does he or can he use a laptop even minimally? If he does he is not aware of its true capability. Or, he would be talking much more sense!

    Is he even aware that there is big world out there that has gone way past his banana-plant pruning mentality? The time for shooting shate is over mate. Show that you have sort of relevance to our critical national problems for a change. Dammit! You and the rest of the SLP stop shooting your normal shate!

    Gosh! You PEOPLE from head to toe are sick. You people ARE not a little sick. You people from the tippy-top to the very bottom are SICK! SICK! SICK!

  14. The only difference between Philip Pierre and a male donkey is the tale end.
    From his school days he was well noted for braying stupidity. Philip says that Guy Mayers can never be a government minister but one thing for sure, Philip Pierre can never be the PM of st.Lucia .

  15. Pierre you have NO shame! NONE.

    You are one of the few originals left in that party. They by pass your a..endless. Refuse to make you party leader. You stick in a deputy role since 1900. You always first to defend ! When you see Hilare drop you, you will see.

  16. poor CHASTANET
    PAH NI PLACK meaning
    he has no resting place

  17. I considered Pierre as the only member of the SLP with just a little credibility left. Now you have just lost it with your FOOLISHNESS. You guys have made a mess of this island. You know this damn well Mr Pierre!

  18. The biggest puppet of them all . You are a senior official and you have not contributed anything independently . All you have done was be loyal to your leader and stay comfortable in your position. Here is a perfect opportunity to take your party away from a mad man and make your mark in political history in saving the slp , rather you want to sink with your boss and spread propaganda while earnest takes over the disaster. I see that as you lacking ambition and your priorities speak otherwise where the country's problems are concern.

  19. Pierre you should have stop invader from his gross disrespect for MP Gale Rigobert with Kenny dancing to the nasty so called witty calypso he sang. You SLP stooges and ladies sat on the stage and dance to the dirty song. What An Even bigger shame!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Pierre you have no shame? Kenny ready to replace you with a man whose integrity and honesty is in question and you there like a little boy giving people maypwee. Go and mind the fact that Kenny does not see it fit to let you take over the reins of the party and instead he want to replace you with the person who brought the biggest shame ever to our shores…..the man who sold fair Helen. Just STHU Pierre.

  21. Wow! wow! Look people in Dennery yesterday.It appears that the U.W.P. lies and propagandas is not effective. One thing the SLP knows how to organise events. SLP going nowhere because the majority is not dumb.I hear a Jack 888 talking election day is April 20th 2016.

  22. Why is Mr chastanet such a big threat to the slp? I would like one of the slp to answer this question.

  23. Pierre! !!!!!If you know all the wrong doing of uwp, why don't you make things better instead of complaining about what was, stop living in the past of what was ,we want to hear about what you are doing and stop worrying about the past and point fingers.

  24. Haha... Well said pierre.. Lionel n associates they are all losers


    Beware of another baldie my friend. She is coming to end your misery of being a back bencher.

  26. S l p all you guys do is talk nonsense

  27. Talking nonsense mr. pierre allan will be the next mp for micoud south.What do you know about micoud south.


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