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Philip J. Pierre remains SLP political leader after overwhelming ‘vote of confidence’ (video)

By SNO Staff

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Pierre receiving a high-five from a delegate (right) after the results were announced.

(SNO) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has decided that they want Philip J. Pierre to remain as their political leader.

The main opposition party confirmed their ‘vote of confidence’ in the Castries East parliamentary representative at the closed session of the Annual Conference of Delegates held on Sunday, Oct. 21 at the Fond St. Jacques Primary School in the constituency of Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques.

When the ballots on Pierre’s leadership were counted and the results came out in his favour — 273 voted “for” and 3 “against” — the crowd of delegates erupted into jubilation. The video below captures that moment

“The (SLP) constitution allows for a vote of confidence in the political leader at every conference,” a party official told St. Lucia News Online.

“No one went up against him. The constitution says that a political leader is elected after every general elections. That was done. After that is done a vote of confidence is taken every year after, which has been done,” the official said, further explaining the process.

According to the party official, there are new persons on the SLP’s executive but no one was challenged. The names in the executive will be released later, the official noted.


Pierre, who has been the MP for Castries East since 1997, and was deputy prime minister and minister for infrastructure, port services and transport in 2011, was selected as Leader of the Opposition following the SLP’s loss at the 2016 general election. He was confirmed leader of the Labour Party on June 18, 2016.

Former government minister under the United Workers Party (UWP) Richard Frederick said at a SLP public rally recently that he favours Pierre to become the next prime minister of Saint Lucia.

Frederick, who was expelled by the UWP before the last general elections, had said on an edition of his weekly television talk show, that he will not contest an election under a UWP ticket once Allen Chastanet, who is currently the nation’s prime minister, is a/the leader of the party.

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  1. Only those 273 SLPs were happy for him? No other comments? Strange. Very strange. Has his base been reduced to just 273 people?

  2. good, keep him. as long as he is the slp leader, they will never win anything. he has always been a liar and will continue to be one. maybe he will offer a better deal on plywood next election

  3. Frederick UWP eh want you. Pierre so that is news? Chupse

  4. What a joke!


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